Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Crafting: Pippa Doll

I can't seem to start this post without a little explanation as to where I've been for the last month - especially as this will be my last post of 2015!
So, I have a new job! I started it in October as a part time position on my day off, and was then offered a full time position starting in December. Working two jobs, renovating our flat and the run up to Christmas meant that I barely had time to turn my laptop on let alone blog, but it feels damn nice to be sat here typing away again. I'm super excited to be heading into the new year at my new job; after a frantic Christmas there I'm looking forward to settling in with all of the wonderful team and getting to know the company properly. Yay!

And now, onto the cutie pie in the photos above - meet Pippa!
Around halfway through December I realised that I hadn't started a Christmas present for my niece, and having previously gifted her with a quilt when she was born, a bunch of goodies for her first Christmas and a felt activity book for her first birthday, handmade was my only option.

I knew that my Mum was giving my niece a little wooden pram for Christmas so I decided to make Pippa to accompany it. She was a total freestyle project, based on the amounts of fabrics I had and trying to create something cute enough for an 18 month old to get excited by.
Pippa fits perfectly in the pram and my niece seemed pretty happy with her - spending the last few days watching her fill the pram up with Pippa and her other toys, rocking them to sleep and then waking them up to rearrange them was adorable.

Anyway, I hope that you've all had a wonderful festive time with your loved ones over the last week, mine has been lovely but a little subdued. I've been thinking of trying a recap post of 2015 but haven't quite decided yet, and I also have a few plans for next year that I need to get down on paper (screen?!).

For now, Happy New Year to all of you wonderful people, and I'll see you on the other side <3

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Saying Thank You

• To Hayley, for inspiring this post and for reminding me why I love blogging...
• To my family, especially over the last month when things have been so tough, for reminding me how to live and for being such a strong support network.
• To Bing and A for always being at the other end of the phone. Soon enough we'll find a date that we can all do!
• To my phone for breaking and giving me a much needed detox for a few days. I hate how much I depend on it and needed to be reminded about life away from a screen.
• To Katie, for helping me to have fun again and teaching me how to live our twenties right.
• To yoga for giving me time to just be and helping me to be kind to my body.
• To S, for sharing all of your good stickers with me and for filling me with so much love. You are the most awesome niece an auntie could ask for, and don't worry, I've bought you tons more stickers for Christmas.
• To the world for everything you have to offer, and to all the people in it trying to prove that love will always win.
• To Pixel, for your funny five minutes that make me laugh every single day.
• To new friendships made in pubs whilst drunkenly chatting about Game of Thrones and maths.
• To old friendships kept alive in pubs whilst drunkenly posing for photobooth pictures.
• To JK Rowling for Harry Potter...
• ...and to all the other books that allow me to lose myself in another world.
• To my doctor all those years ago that never gave up on me; you told me that one day I'd lead a normal life and even work full time and now I do (albeit cautiously).
• To the plants in the flat for helping me to improve my green thumb and filling the flat with life.
• To Netflix. Sad but true.
• To Feel Free for making gluten free doughnuts - because five years without a doughnut really is too long.
• To J, for that iTunes list.
• To new starts, new opportunities and endless hope.