Friday, 28 August 2015

A Little Note

A view from home <3

Hey internet! Long time no blog. Ready for a catch up?!

So to pick up where I left off - my brother and now sister-in-law had the most beautiful wedding. It was an amazing day filled with so much happiness - I've never seen either of them grin so much! The whole day did send me into a slight panic about our own wedding, but at the same time it showed me that even if things don't go to plan (english *summertime* anyone?!) it will still be an amazing day.

A few weeks later I celebrated my hen do organised by my superstar sister T. She grouped together my favourite girls and we spent the day going on a Harry Potter themed scavenger hunt (thanks to Katie for the awesome maps!), an afternoon pottery painting, and an evening drinking deadly HP cocktails whilst dressed as HP extras (complete with my personal favourite drink 'Albus Rumbledore' and amazing hand made wands). We then went to eat at the Sussex Bread Co. which I've been dying to try for dinner as their bread is my all time favourite. The allure of a totally gluten free cafe is just too good to resist.
Many more cocktails followed and I spent the whole day in a surreal bubble; surreal is definitely my word of choice when it comes to this whole wedding lark! I'd always dreaded the idea of a hen do, but my sister and friends made it so unbelievably fun; it was exactly what I needed and so good to spend time with them all.

Following those jam packed weeks I then found myself bed bound with a throat infection that completely knocked me off my feet, and I also had to tackle my garden flooding in the freak storms which saw me spending hours trying to decant buckets of water to stop the whole flat flooding.

And in amongst all of that, I've been DIY'ing like mad for the wedding. I've finished the dress, but still have some alterations to make to J's suit, signs to finish for the venue and labels for all of the food. Life is busy and is flying by so quickly!

I feel sad that my blog has taken a back seat because of it all, but I'm trying not to beat myself up about it. I still have a few more DIY's to share and have loads of personal projects that I can't wait to get stuck into, so hopefully things will bounce back here soon :)