Monday, 23 November 2015

Yawn: Phone Off, Kettle On, Pyjama Time

Pyjamas c/o Yawn

About a week before J and I got married, I got chatting to the lovely ladies at Yawn and we ended up planning a little collaboration. They sent me these beautiful Safe Harbour pyjamas to take away on our honeymoon, and I whipped up an eye mask to go with them. You can check out my DIY to make the eye mask here.

Choosing the pyjamas was tricky. I've loved Yawn ever since Katie blogged about them yonks ago, and I particularly love the cat print set (of course!). In the end I went with the Safe Harbour full length set, and boy did I make the right choice.

J thought I was mad to make space for the pyjamas amongst bikinis and shorts, but I knew that they'd be a perfect holiday accompaniment. And why's that? One word: Aircon. Oh how I loathe it! I mean, I get it - Hong Kong was easily the most humid place I've ever been and Port Douglas stayed balmy late into the night, but when I go to sleep I need to be cosy.

The main perk with these pyjamas for me is the fit - I have no time for fitted pyjamas, or for anything where comfort isn't the top priority. These pyjamas are the ultimate in cosy - I actually ended up wearing them as soon as we got home from exploring most days as they are also the perfect thing to wear if you're sunburnt!

As for the design... is it wrong to love pyjamas? All of the prints are designed in house at Yawn which is another detail of the company that is awesome. The anchor print is so sweet and I love the single life ring on the pyjama trousers - for me it really is the tiny details, and that is one cute detail.
The cut and fit are also spot on for me, and another nod to the tiny details are the pockets. I used to constantly steal J's pyjama bottoms because they always had good pockets (what is it with women's clothing and crappy pockets?!) so the fact that this set features pockets on the top as well as the bottoms gets a huge thumbs up from me.

If you hadn't guessed from me mentioning stealing J's pyjamas, I've never had a 'proper' set of pyjamas, but thanks to this set I'm pretty sold. I've already added the Port In A Storm nightshirt to my Christmas wish list, as it seems only right to start building myself a collection now doesn't it? :)

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