Friday, 6 November 2015

We Got Married - The Guestbook

Technically we have two guestbooks from the wedding day, but only one of them is actually a book. The photobooth company we used put together a guestbook for us of all the photos taken in the booth and it is possibly my favourite book of all time! I love how different people can be behind a formal camera and then in a photobooth, and looking through that book will forever make me laugh.

Of course I couldn't turn down the chance to get another DIY out of the day so I decided that I'd make a guestbook quilt too. I cut a huge pile of calico strips, bought a multipack of Sharpie fabric pens, and set them up together on the drinks table to let people leave their messages.
I decided this way back when the wedding plans first started and J thought that no one would get involved but luckily they did (+1 to me!). I just wish I'd thought to mark up the seam allowance I'd need, but ahwell, who doesn't love to sew with a 1mm allowance?!

Now the big question is, what shall I do for the rest of the quilt?! I'd like to use calico for the back of the quilt too, but I still have a bunch of things to decide...

• Do I add any other fabric pieces to the front or just have the messages?
• If the front is solely made up of the messages, should I align them or brick tile them?
• Should I dye the back piece of calico black (possibly using Shibori techniques?) or make a stamp and print straight onto it with black ink?
• ...same question for the binding...
• How should I quilt it? Stitch in the ditch, or random quilting?

Ahhh, so many questions! But honestly, I cannot tell you how awesome it feels to have a nice and slow project on the go :)

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