Sunday, 15 November 2015

Crafting: Trail Tote

After a photoshoot at work the other day in which we chased some fleeting winter sun, it seemed like a good time to get some snaps of my latest make at the same time. My lovely friend Mary took these snaps for me to show off my version of the Trail Tote by Noodlehead.

I've been dying to sew something over the last few weeks, so over the course of a few evenings I whipped this freebie pattern up with some stash fabric.
I adore Noodlehead designs (and the fabric choices are always spot on!) and this bag is no exception. If I'm using a bag that is too small for me to throw tons into, I will inevitably end up lugging a tote bag around with me too, and I figured that in the larger size this bag could solve that problem without being too bulky.

I made a few changes to the pattern including adding a contrast bottom to match the strap, omitting the piping to the exterior and using an extra chunky zip at the front for a bit of detail.
I'm a monochrome girl at heart but couldn't resist adding an emerald green lining as a nice little pop of colour - I really love these fabric combos!

Having worn the bag for a week now I have to say I'm pretty smitten. Somehow this is the first bag I've made with an adjustable strap and I love it - I can comfortably wear this as a cross body bag, or shorten the strap right up to wear as a shoulder bag.
If you're looking for a relatively quick and super satisfying make, I would totally recommend this pattern - and this isn't meant to be a review, I just love a good bag ;)

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