Thursday, 9 July 2015

We're Getting Married #6 - The Invitations

With just two months to go now until the wedding (eep!), I thought it would be nice to share our DIY invitations.
They went down well with our family and friends (although some people found them a little bizarre!) but hey ho, we had fun making them and I think they turned out pretty awesome.

The invites started life as a big book of antique postcards that I won on eBay. J and I spent an afternoon rifling through them and picking out our favourites - some were super creepy (portraits of babies with fake backdrops etc.) and some were beautiful; there was even an Isle of Wight one in there.

J designed the information we wanted to have on the front and back of the postcards, and then it was time to get them printed. I already posted about our screen printing experience HERE, but again I'll say that it was so much fun and I love how they all turned out. Some of the postcards were written on, some were blank, colour, black and white etc. so each one printed differently.

[Bonus snap of Pixel getting involved :)]

Once the postcards were finished, I set to making the envelopes for them. I made a template and used brown card that would hold the postcards and then fold up into a self contained envelope. These took a while to make but were also very satisfying to finish!
The longest part of this whole project was the calligraphy on the front of the envelopes. I still consider myself very much an amateur with calligraphy and writing out so many names was slightly daunting! I got into the swing of it though and they didn't turn out too badly. It was damn good practice!
The finishing touch was a little sticker to seal the envelopes with which was another little design from J with the wedding date on. These were so cheap to have printed and although not a necessity, definitely very cute.

As we are on a budget, making a website for the bulk of the information seemed like the most practical option, so we had a stamp made with the URL on and placed that on the card flap underneath the postcard. This turned out really well as we could embed a map into the site and list lots of helpful information that would have taken up lots of paper otherwise. Huge thanks to our friend Luke who built the website for us - you're a superstar :) Plus, having the RSVP's online also means that I can print out a nice geeky spreadsheet when everyone replies - ah the little things!

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