Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Super+Super: Crochet & Paper Cutting Book Reviews

Crochet & Paper Cutting by Claire Culley and Amy Phipps, published by GMC (£12.99 each, available HERE). Copies c/o GMC

Remember back in November when I reviewed Super+Super's first craft books? Well somehow the girls are already back with two new titles for the craft fiends of the world - this time on Crochet and Paper Cutting. Despite my life being pretty hectic right now, when GMC contacted me again to see if I'd like to review these books I knew I had to make time for them!

Unlike the first two books, these two crafts are a little more alien to me, so I've been reading them like Hermione Granger studying for exams. The books follow the same formula as before, with projects divided up into Lazy Crafter, Weeknight Winners, Perpetual Creative and Committed Crafter. I know I said this before but I think that works really well - in this case my skill set is definitely at the lazy crafter stage right now :)
Crochet is a skill that I have just about gotten the hang of - I've made a blanket and a cat toy, but have never felt as comfortable with crochet as knitting.
That said, I'm determined to up my crochet game now, and have already picked out yarn for the Squishy Wrist Rest - it's such a fab idea! I also love the necklaces which I've admired on Claire and Amy dozens of times, so I can't wait to try those.
Then, when I'm feeling a little more confident and feeling ready to tackle the Commited Crafter section, I'd love to try the Comfy Pouffe; that's my ultimate crochet target!

The Paper Cutting book leaves me in awe - you paper cutters have some serious skill and patience!
Again this book is another one to add dozens of post it notes to; currently on my to make list are the Crown Party Hats and the Watermelon Stationery Set which are both fricking adorable.
I actually found the how to section of this book especially helpful as I've always made it up as I go along with paper cutting. There are some great tips and tricks about working with curves and fixing mistakes which I'm looking forward to putting into practice.
I love the idea of working on an intricate piece like the Bicycle Paper Cut to have framed, but I'll definitely have to commit to a project like that further down the line! For smaller projects there are a few others that I love the look of including cute plant based phone cases, baby mobiles and wall hangings.
Also, the templates for the projects in this book are all placed at the back ready for you to scan in and print to your hearts content - maybe a small detail for some but I love it when books offer this - thanks girls!

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