Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Posh Totty Designs

Last Thursday I headed down to Posh Totty Designs with some of my favourite Brighton bloggers to celebrate with them at their #poshbloggersparty.
The shop itself is a treasure trove, and had been given a party makeover with lots of drinks, party straws and colourful nibbles. We were greeted by the super lovely team and instantly got chatting and I basically played 20 questions with everyone because I wanted to know all about the shop!
Everything at PTD is hand made and crafted in Brighton which is such a huge selling point for me. I loved talking to the team and hearing them talk about not just the jewellery but the homeware products too - they definitely all love what they do and it shows!

When I was younger I resented my name quite a lot; remember all those key chains, necklaces and velvet headbands with your name on? Well, I couldn't get any of those! So as childish as it may sound, I still get so excited at the idea of having things with my name on and PTD is perfect for that.
I especially loved the infinity necklaces and rings - I think they'd make an awesome anniversary present. J and I have been talking about getting something engraved on the inside of our wedding rings too so it was great to see some examples of what they offer.

We also got to try our hand at leather stamping which I was super excited about. The crafty ladies showed us the ropes, and then we got to choose a bracelet or keychain to customise. I was cheeky and had a few goes - it was so much fun! I chose to stamp personal messages on mine for family members, but lots of people were stamping favourite quotes, blog names etc.
I was also lucky enough to receive a notebook in my goody bag with my name stamped on the front, which as you can imagine I was chuffed with, and a necklace with my initial stamped on; such thoughtful presents and they really really made me smile!

All in all, this was one amazing evening and it was so nice to meet everyone involved at PTD and get to know them. They also gave me a discount code for you lovely readers to use which is valid until the 22nd September - simply enter "ARTICHOKE15" to receive 15% off your order - and enjoy the thrill of getting something hand made, crafted and personalised :)

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