Monday, 20 April 2015

Flow - Book For Paper Lovers

For my birthday this year I felt so spoilt and received such lovely presents from my favourite people, one of which was this incredible book from J.

Flow is a beautiful quarterly magazine that I am dying to get a subscription for, but they also release special editions such as this Book For Paper Lovers which is in its second issue.

It's impossible to encompass how awesome the book is in just a few photos, but I tried to pick out some absolute favourites.
The styling is just amazing, and the huge book is packed full of DIY envelopes, illustrations, invitations, stickers, colouring in pages, gift cards, flags, pull out scenes, postcards, wrapping paper... the list is endless and every single page is just perfect.

I cant wait to get stuck into using the book although I know I'll have the initial fear of ripping into it! It really is a beautiful collection of work and crafty/stationery goodness and I know it will sit proudly on my desk for a long time to come.

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