Monday, 23 March 2015

We're Getting Married #4 - Update

It's rambling time! Right now I should probably be working on my wedding dress, but it's been a while since I talked about all the other wedding bits and bobs here, so I thought I'd post a few updates about what's going on.

In particular, I wanted to post an update on the DIY Cactus Terrariums, although as you can see so far this is a very anti-climatic DIY! After the initial budding from these 4 guys (out of 30 seeds by the way!) very little has changed in the last few months and I am pretty much resigning these to the failed DIY pile. I'll leave them and give them a chance up until the last moment, but I think that after that I will just have to empty the demijohns out and use them in a different way for decorations. C'est la vie!

Next on the list is the invites, which I think I've mentioned before have us both super excited. We should be getting those done and sent out in the next month, so after that I can share them here - yay. I really hope they work out as well as the image I have in my head!

Another thing I've been trying to keep up with in all our planning is a little scrapbook for us to keep as a memento. It's nothing too pretty or polished, but I know that I'll be glad that I kept a record of all our musings and thoughts along the way. When registering our notice to marry last month, the lovely lady even whipped out her calligraphy pen to fill in our registration card as she said lots of couples make scrapbooks, so at least there'll be a few pretty snippets.

The initial overwhelming feeling that I felt when we started planning this wedding has mostly subsided. Of course there are lots of things that I'm worried about (finishing the dress for one!), but in all honesty I spend most of the time we're planning it all with a big smile on my face.
I think for so many people all the big stresses come from worrying about what other people want, but J and I have been so strict about this. Neither of us ever really envisaged this as something we would do, so I think we're both really relaxed about how the day should be, and have no preconceptions about what should or shouldn't happen.

Check back in in a few months to hear me screaming the opposite to all of that ;)

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