Sunday, 29 March 2015

Crafting: Recent Makes

Guess what? I have a laptop again! Hoorah!
It feels so good to be writing this blog post on a real keyboard (I've been using my phone, kudos to anyone who does that all the time!) and I finally have some crafty goodness to share.

Of course with a new laptop, a new laptop case was a given, and I whipped this up as soon as possible from scraps in my fabric stash. It's not my best work - you know when you probably should have stopped working about an hour before but you keep going anyway and then get annoyed when things go wrong? No? Just me?
Well anyway, that's what happened here, but I powered through and have ended up with a case that won't win any sewing awards, but is a very snug and protective case nonetheless.

The purse is a labour of infatuation and curiosity that was flung upon me after discovering a purse in Present in the Laine a few weeks ago.
You can see the purse in question HERE, and it's by Betty & Walter (I can't seem to find a website for them but they have a few stockists). I've been working with purses and bags for a few years now, and this design just stood out to me. It's so brilliantly clever and I feverishly worked out how it was made on a dreary Sunday afternoon. There are two compartments; one accessed by the main clasp that I added dividers to so that it serves as a multi card holder, and then a zippered compartment at the bottom of the purse perfect for any loose change.
The fabric is thanks to a small stash of Liberty scraps tucked away waiting for the right project and this purse seemed like a good place to start. I adore this fabric, it is just stunning.

It's been really nice having two self contained projects to work on lately. Everything wedding related is obviously an ongoing process, and sometimes there is nothing better than quick, satisfying projects to give your crafting mojo a little kick!

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