Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Baking: Home-Made Nakd Bars

I can't remember what I did without Nakd bars in my life. I think I became hooked about a year ago and since then have stocked up whenever they were on offer. Lots of them are gluten, wheat and dairy free, are super good for you and are absolutely delicious. Basically Nakd bars = win win.

When J's mum Alex came to visit at Christmas I shared my love for them with her and after reading the ingredients, she said she was going to make her own.
True to her word, a few weeks later Alex made her own Nakd bars and blogged about them HERE and as soon as she posted it I couldn't wait to give her recipe a go.

It took me two attempts to get them right (listen to Alex when she says not to add liquid of any sort!) but now I've now successfully made them I am pretty smitten. They are so easy to make, and just as amazing (if not better) than the originals.
They are pretty cost effective too - I can't afford Nakd bars unless they are on offer so these are a great alternative. I bought enough ingredients to make two batches of 10 bars which came to about £7, and already had the raw cacao in the cupboard.

And the motto of this post? As it turns out, home-made or not, Nakd bars really are just a win win :)

p.s. I currently have a broken laptop hence the very intermittent blog posting, hopefully I'll be back soon!

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