Friday, 20 February 2015

Crafting: What I'm Knitting

This post should really be called "honest to blog" as I'm sharing a crafty UFO that makes me furious with myself. I'm forcing myself to document it so that I don't let this happen again, and also as a gentle reminder that for every successful DIY, there's probably half a dozen UFO's collecting dust in the corner.

Whilst having a clear out the other day I found this half finished Turkish sock that I started knitting years ago. Somewhere along the line it became forgotten, and now I no longer have any of those wools left to even attempt to pick it back up. What was I thinking!

So, I am now starting a new pair of socks that I officially pledge here, that even if they take me the next three years to complete I will not give up on them!
I've got a tote bag stuffed with wool and the pattern book (Love to Knit) so I can lug it around with me or just curl up on the sofa for an evening. Wish me luck!

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