Wednesday, 28 January 2015

We're Getting Married #3 - The Dress

This post has been a long time coming - I have finally made the first baby steps in making a wedding dress. I hate to have ended up with these sneaky close up photos, but unfortunately at this point it's for the best!
There is by no means a set plan right now, but ideas are becoming more clearly formed, and after receiving a mannequin from my amazing mum for Christmas, I'm finally getting into the swing of just pinning things and seeing what happens.

Fabric wise, I am hoping to combine some gorgeous lace from White Tree Fabrics along with some amazing raw silk that I'm upcycling from an antique (completely over the top princess) wedding dress.
The silk hasn't aged particularly well so I'm currently in the midsts of experimenting in ways to revive it; Hydrogen Peroxide has been purchased, eek!

Style wise, I've been fighting with myself and the question of a short/long dress for the last month or so - it's so hard to decide!
I've found a few dress patterns that I plan to hack, and I've also just dug out an old dress with a very broken zipper that used to fit me like a glove. The plan is to take that apart and trace new pattern pieces from it for part of the dress, and then use the other dress patterns for other areas. Phewf!

It's made me feel surprisingly excited to re-read all of that, so hopefully excitement will continue to win out over fear and things will soon start to take shape.
Right now it's all about endless toiles using an old cotton curtain lining and a dashing net curtain - they make quite a team I can tell you :)

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