Tuesday, 26 August 2014

We're Getting Married #1 - Rambling

Here it is, my very first wedding related blog post. *gulp*
This is probably one of the strangest blog posts I've ever had to write. I feel excited, nervous, and a little daunted.

From the start I want to try and define how I'm going to be documenting our wedding on here. First of all, I think we can all safely assume how integral DIY's will be to the day - we wouldn't have it any other way! We are both really excited to have fun with this day, and inject as much of ourselves into it as possible.
However, I want this experience to be all about us, and I don't want to add any unnecessary stress. Though I want to keep certain things between us until the day, I really want to be able to share our progress and any DIY's that I can along the way, but at the same time I don't want to blogify* the whole thing. (*you know what I mean; "wait, don't glue that down yet I need to take a step by step photo for the blog!").

So for now I thought I'd do a little progress report of how things are looking so far. We've set a date, booked a venue, and written the guest list. We've got a little book that now lives on our coffee trunk to scribble down ideas, notes, and anything else we've forgotten about.
As far as DIY's go, we already have pages full of ideas. Oh my goodness, this really is the best part. Curled up with J bouncing these ideas around has been so much fun, and brings a cheshire cat grin to my face. We've come up with an invite idea that we genuinely can't talk about without smiling, simply because it is us. The plan is to get started on those when winter comes, ready to send out in the new year. Hopefully then I'll be able to post about them here.
There is another DIY that could be a complete failure, but it will be really fun to try. I'll probably have to blog about it even if it does fail, and even if it does I'm sure we'll come up with a back up plan - it really is all part of the fun :)

And finally, the dress. Ah the dress. The samples in the above photo are from White Tree Fabrics, and man are they beautiful. I can't even string together a sentence worthy of the laces.
I have a plan coming together, though it has already veered off course from my original plans and I am already pestering my brother's girlfriend (a costume designer!) more than is probably acceptable to talk things through with.
It's funny, but I never envisaged myself as a bride. I went dress shopping with my sister a few months back and in all honesty I felt a little bit silly. So this dress is going to be really special for me, but not in the traditional sense. I don't want to feel or look like a princess. I want to feel comfortable, and I want to be me, and for every stitch and seam that goes wrong, I really hope it will be worth it in the end.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Janome Overlocker 6234XL - An Introduction

With my recent ventures back into the world of dressmaking, I knew early on that I wanted to be able to make garments to the best quality I could. This is an area I have slipped up in in the past; when an idea hits I can very easily get carried away and just haphazardly whip something up with no proper care taken on the finer details (slaps wrist!).
I'm really trying to take things seriously now though - I want to make my own clothes, and I want them to last!

Since working with Janome, I've been so impressed with the CXL301 and I know I've talked a lot about how much I love it and the difference it's made to my sewing experiences. So, an overlocker seemed like the next natural step to take, and I'm working with Janome again to see what I can do with the 6234XL

I was pretty apprehensive at first as all of my experiences with overlockers prior to this were big industrial overlockers that we used at uni - oh man did they scare me! But, I knew that I wanted to get back into using one as I know the difference they can make.
Luckily, as anticipated, this machine has been a breeze to get to know. I whipped up my Grainline Hemlock jumper mostly using the overlocker, and after a few tension adjustments for the jersey, it was a super quick and not too scary process - yay!

There's a lot about this machine that I need to learn about - I have a folder in storage somewhere from my uni days full of samples etc. that I need to dig out, but I think my best bet is to just get experimenting. Re-threading it for the first time was interesting, but the machine is so well labelled that it just takes patience (not to self!) and I really want to know how the machine works so that I can handle it in any situation.

If you have any suggestions or tips on working with an overlocker then I'd love to hear them, and if you have any questions about this model then I'll do my best to answer them.
At the moment I think me and the overlocker are still on an acquaintance basis, but here's hoping for a nice close friendship pretty soon ;)

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Crafting: All You Need Is Love Photo Collage Print

Last week I went home to visit my Mum and celebrate a very special birthday with her.
I knew I wanted to make her something extra special this year, and as I'm trying to make an effort to print more photographs, this print seemed like the perfect idea.

To make it, I printed out the quote and traced the letters onto a piece of A3 card, then (painstakingly!) used a scalpel to cut them out. Then I printed out photographs of our family, and stuck them behind the letters. It was a slow process but totally worth it I think - now that it's finished and in the frame I'm really happy with it, and more importantly Mum seemed to love it.

I think that this is a really nice idea to create more personalised presents - I loved watching Mum point out different photos and memories. You could even omit the photos and place pretty craft papers, washi tape or even wrapping paper behind the letters - it's a totally customisable idea so you can really make it your own!