Tuesday, 29 April 2014

DIY: Upcycled Table with Wrapping Paper

This DIY didn't work out quite as well as I'd hoped, but in theory it's a great way to recycle!

I've had this folding table for years and it's endlessly useful, but the top was starting to look a bit worse for wear.
This wrapping paper was another bargain from Butlers at 49p, and I thought teamed with some sticky back plastic for protection it was perfect to give the table a little makeover.

First, cut enough paper to cover the table, then cut around the table with a 5cm gap.

Snip into the paper gap around the whole table. Apply glue to the underside of the table and then fold the paper up.

Cut a piece of sticky back plastic in the same way as the paper. This is where things went a bit wrong for me as the sticky back plastic was already crinkled and left the table with an annoying amount of wrinkles and bubbles.

Make sure the sticky back plastic is wrinkle free, then peel back a little of one end and apply slowly, flattening as you go. Fold under the edges of the sticky back plastic and stick to the underside of the table, and you're all finished!

This DIY definitely brought back memories of covering school books, and could easily be adapted to revamp a whole bunch of things - storage boxes, phone cases, shelves... you get the idea :)

Monday, 21 April 2014


Glasses & sunglasses (style #4f1004) c/o Firmoo

I was recently contacted by Firmoo who offered to send me a pair of prescription glasses to try out.
Having just been for an eye test a week beforehand (freaky!) and being told my glasses wearing time is on the up again (too much crafting apparently) it all seemed very serendipitous.

I decided to go with a pair of prescription sunglasses as I don't have any, and thought they'd be great for crafty afternoons in the garden.
Choosing the frames was pretty hard as there are so many to choose from, and it did feel a bit weird not being able to try them on. You can upload a photo of your face though which despite looking pretty silly actually helped tons and definitely helped me choose the right frames to fit my face.
Unfortunately due to an error in the order process, I received standard glasses instead of sunglasses, but this was resolved super quickly and I was sent the correct ones as well as keeping the original pair.

After a few weeks of wearing both pairs (admittedly the sunglasses less frequently) I'm pretty happy with them.
They're comfortable and feel solidly made - they actually feel more solid than my other glasses and I find myself reaching for these more often.
I've read other Firmoo reviews in which people have mentioned headaches, but this isn't something I've had a problem with apart from after the first day, but I expected this anyway as my prescription is now stronger.

I'd definitely recommend giving Firmoo a go if you're looking for a new pair of specs - and don't be put off by the idea of ordering online as they've made the whole process really user friendly. Plus they always seem to have offers on so you can definitely find yourself a bargain!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


This week has been all about settling back into my normal routine, but it's been pretty hard not to daydream about the last few weeks.

I had such a good birthday last week which was spent with my mum and sister (who made me a yummy cake!) and I've been spoilt rotten with such thoughtful presents.
J surprised me with a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 on our way to the Isle of Skye so I got to snap our holiday into perfect little polaroids which is amazing.

I then took a day trip back to the Isle of Wight and as usual went a little crazy in the charity shops (and once again proved how incapable I am of buying anything without a print!) My second hand shopping is getting a little out of hand, but I've been finding such perfect pieces for the flat as well as new spring/summer clothes that I just can't help it.

We've also received a crazy amount of engagement cards and love (and have more celebrations planned in the next few weeks) which just keeps a constant smile on my face.
The hanging bottles above are solar lights which were an engagement present from my sister, and the cactus was a present from Lauren - the collection is very swiftly growing :)

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Isle of Skye

*Warning: super photo heavy post!*

Phewf, it's been a while!
The word whirlwind just about scratches the surface of the last few weeks - reality has hit me hard today that's for sure.

Our holiday to the Isle of Skye was incredible. Breathtaking, beautiful, an adventure. I think the photos speak for themselves.
I'm so grateful to have visited such an amazing island and am already yearning to go back.

It has also been an extra special holiday for J and I (if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you'll already have seen the news) and though I've decided to keep schtum about the details, I will say that I have never been happier and more thankful not only for the love of my life, but also for every single other wonderful person around me.

End of emotional gushing. Probably.