Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Crafting: Bean Bag x Floor Cushion

I've had this tutorial lurking on Pinterest for ages now, and I'm so glad I made it!
I always loved the style of this particular floor cushion; the handle on the side especially! But, I wanted to make mine way taller so that it was perfect for putting your feet up with.
I also wanted to use bean bag filling instead of stuffing 'coz I think it's way comfier, so this is a strange bean bag x floor cushion hybrid!

The tutorial was awesome and I love the variations that Susan has on the blog - it's also worth checking out the flickr page of gallery photos as they are all awesome.

I've started judging whether my projects are successful now by Pixel's reaction, and as far as this project goes I think I've done pretty well. Those dreams of a comfy foot rest are more often than not scuppered by a certain fluffball curled up asleep on her new bed!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

DIY: Oven Gloves

Remember all of those home DIY's I was itching to make a few weeks ago? Well, oven gloves seemed like a good place to start, and these are a great project if you're new to quilting. They're also a great project for using up fabric scraps - just make sure that you use a suitable heat resistant interfacing.

Trace around an existing oven glove or your hand and add on an inch or so. You need to cut 2 mirrored pieces (a left and a right!) of exterior fabric, lining fabric and interfacing.

Using an erasable fabric pen or tailors chalk, draw out a grid of lines on the exterior fabric pieces (or skip this step and just wing it!).

Pin together one of the matching exterior and lining pieces right sides out with the interfacing sandwiched in the middle.

Don't be scared by the Walking Foot; this baby is amazing for using when you've got a lot of layers - oh how I wish I'd had one for my first quilt.

Use your guidelines to stitch the pieces together. Repeat with the other exterior/lining/interfacing pieces so that you have two quilted glove pieces (again, a left and a right!).

Make a small fabric loop; cut out a rectangle (Mine was 12cm x 3cm) and press in half lengthways. Open out and fold the edges in to the fold you have just created. Fold in half again and stitch the edge shut. Fold your loop in half and pin near the cuff of your glove as above.

Place your two quilted glove pieces right sides together - so that the exterior pieces are touching each other. Sew together with a 1cm seam allowance. Sew carefully around the curves. Make small snips in the seam allowance at the curves - but be careful not to snip the stitching! Turn the glove right side out.

Measure the cuff of your glove, add an inch (Mine was 21cm) and cut a rectangle of that measurement by 4cm for the cuff trim. In the same way as the fabric loop, fold your rectangle in half lengthways, and then press the long edges in to this fold. Fold in half again, press, and pin in place around your cuff.

When you reach the join of your cuff trim, fold the raw edge of the trim under and pin on top of where the trim started. Stitch the trim in place, and ta-dah, you're finished!

Sunday, 16 February 2014


This weekend we've been putting the finishing touches to the new flat, and now that all of our prints are up it really feels like home.
I'm surprised at how quickly I've settled in, and I can't wait to get some photographs together to share.

A few new home additions have been making me smile; in particular the above snaps.

The cactus on the left was a present from a work friend, and within the space of a few days I quickly added the others to the shelf. I've never really been into plants, but I can see a new obsession forming here and I can't wait to build up a whole collection of cute cacti.

The foxy mug is from Sarah of Shark Alley and makes my morning cup of tea even better. I love the illustration so much. These mugs are limited edition so be quick if you'd like to get your hands on one!

And finally, my new favourite cook book. You have to get your hands on it!
After an evening spent book marking pretty much every page, J and I have since made Goats Cheese Gnocchi with home-made Pesto, Macaroni Peas, Rosemary and New Potato Pizza, Herby & Peanuty Noodle salad and Asparagus Pizza - oh yum!
Eating less meat has been a conscious effort on both our parts over the last few months - mainly for ethical reasons but the money saving is definitely a bonus too. This book is chock-a-block with seriously tempting recipes that are easy to cook, and in my normal haphazard way, I just substitute gluten free options wherever needed - it works for me!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Sewing Chatter

After a few years break from uni, I think I'm finally at a point where I want to start making clothes again.
It's weird; I love sewing, crafting etc., but after 4 years of designing and pattern cutting, I lost my love for it. I really didn't enjoy pattern cutting, and much prefer the construction part of dress making, but I'm hoping that this year I'll whip up at least one of the above patterns.
I was lucky enough at my old job to be given out of season patterns (hence the lack of packaging on them) so all I need to do is source some second hand fabrics to suit the projects.

I've been reading a lot of sewing blogs lately and have felt in awe of the talent out there - it's so refreshing to read them and feel inspired again.
So, if you're a sewer please let me know - I'm always looking for more inspiration and a little nudge in the right direction :)

Sunday, 2 February 2014

My Week: January round-up

I know I said in my last round-up of 2013 that I wouldn't be continuing these posts, but what the heck!

For 2014 I've left my Filofax behind and transferred my life into this amazing notebook. It was a Christmas present from my mum, and on a crazy post-Christmas lazy day I painstakingly wrote out dates for the year.

I'm so glad I did it and I'm loving the set up so far - a whole page to the right for notes, ideas, plans etc. and then a week to view on the left. The notes pages this month have been pretty crammed due to moving, but I hope I'll be using them over the next few months for crafty ideas :)