Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Crafting: Handmade Baby Presents

This Christmas will be the first for my beautiful niece, and I've been so excited to make her presents. I wanted to make things to keep, but that would also be practical - and luckily the internet is full to the brim with patterns and tutorials.
All of these presents have been made thanks to the help of the patterns linked above, and I would whole heartedly recommend them; thank you to the wonderful creators for sharing them!

The bibs were really quick to make and I'm hoping that they will prove useful; they have a super soft fleecy back for meal times, and then can be flipped and kept on for maximum cuteness!
The bear hat is a little nod to my sister who pulls off animal hats better than anyone I know, so I thought I'd knit my niece one so that they can match.
And finally the bunny toy is a little keepsake that I'm hoping will stick around for a good few years. I'd love to make some clothes for it too - maybe as my niece grows I can make them matching outfits!

It's been a lot of fun making these presents and I really hope my niece (and let's be honest my brother and partner!) likes them, I'm so excited for Christmas now <3

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