Tuesday, 2 December 2014

1Wall - Creative Collage Typography Wallpaper

This post is sponsored by 1Wall.
1Wall Creative Collage Typography Wallpaper c/o 1Wall HERE.

As someone who is a little obsessed with home interiors, I was pretty excited when I was offered the chance to try out this 1Wall Typography wallpaper.
Although J and I are currently renting, I think it's really important to try and make our living space as homely and "us" as possible, so this seemed like a great challenge.

Due to renting and owning a much smaller space than the examples that 1Wall provide, I had to compromise on a few things. First, using the wallpaper paste included was unfortunately not an option, and second, covering an entire wall just wouldn't work with the space I had.
So, I started brainstorming. The idea of using the wallpaper pieces as decals seemed like the best option - I could create a temporary feature wall that if I got bored of I could change, and I could also spread the wallpaper throughout the flat as opposed to sticking to one wall.

Luckily, the 1Wall wallpaper is perfect for these kinds of modifications. The set of 64 pieces contains the alphabet, numerals and punctuation that are all already cut to size and ready to work with.
I adore the layered collage style of this Typography set, and think that 1Wall have done really well in not creating something tacky. It's a bit of a bug bare of mine (and J's!) so I was relieved to see the detail and high quality of the wallpaper.

I decided to create this "Sweet Dreams" piece in the bedroom as this wall was completely bare and has always needed something. I tried not to be too pedantic about the positioning of the letters as I think it adds to the overall impact of the piece. You might not be able to tell from the photos, but the wallpaper pieces are big! This one phrase takes up most of the wall, and it really does pack a punch when you walk into the room.

I actually think that the wallpaper pieces could be used individually to create really stunning framed prints too - maybe your loved ones initials or a favourite expression!
The only issue I had with the set was the lack of duplicate letters - there are a few multiples (for example three T's) but only two E's which meant that I had to use the Euro sign for the E in Dreams. Not a huge deal, but depending on how you're using the set you might have to stock up on individual letters; luckily they can be bought separately from 1Wall.

I think my next room to tackle will be the kitchen - perhaps a nice cheesy pun to adorn the space above the dining table?! Despite the fact that this set is supposed to be used in a more permanent way, I've had great fun working around that to suit my situation, and think that I'll continue to create different features depending on my mood - I'm very tempted to buy a few duplicate letters to create a "Merry Christmas" piece for next month!

For the Typography range and all others available from 1Wall check out their site here, and you can use the code 'nuffnang15' until the end of January 2015 to receive 15% off your order!


  1. These look really awesome! Maybe 'bake' or 'cook' or even 'make a mess' would look good in the kitchen?
    Water Painted Dreams xo

    1. Ah those are great ideas Hayley! I love them all, definitely next to try :) x

  2. That looks great, especially as the rest of the décor isn't too busy so it compliments it perfectly!


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