Friday, 7 November 2014

Super+Super: Embroidery & Printmaking Book Reviews

Embroidery and Printmaking by Claire Culley and Amy Phipps, published by GMC (£12.99 each, available HERE).
Copies c/o GMC

When these books landed on my doorstep a few days ago, I was pretty darn excited. I've met Claire and Amy a few times through their collective Super+Super, and have enjoyed blog meet ups and craft evenings in their midsts. It's so exciting to see how well they're doing!

These books are full to the brim with perfectly accessible and contemporary projects alongside tips and tricks to get you started. They range from lazy crafter projects for those easily distracted, to full on weekender projects for the craftaholic so there is definitely something for everyone. Whilst I'm more inclined to head to the more in depth projects, I think it's great that they've provided simpler projects too - if you're new to either embroidery or printmaking then these books will be a great starting point.
I'm also very taken with the whole aesthetic of the books. The photography and design is all spot on, and I think any crafter would love to keep these books on their coffee table.

Printmaking is the kind of book that has you flicking through and instantly getting those "itchy fingers". You know the ones, where you start mentally searching your home wondering if you have everything you need to get making immediately.
I've had screen printing on my "to learn" list for a long time now, and the tips in this book have shed some light on the process making me even more eager to get learning.
The projects in this book range from clothing to homewares and all have a wonderful texture about them. The act of printing is so satisfying and produces such unique results, and I think that the girls have really captured the beauty of that in this book.

Out of the two books, I thought that Printmaking would be my favourite, but Embroidery has proven me wrong! I've already bookmarked two of the projects that I think would make great Christmas presents, and of course I was totally besotted by the cactus sampler!
Again there are great tips and tricks in this book to help with different stitches, and so many different ways to breathe new life into old items. Upcycling on top of everything else? It's a win win.

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