Friday, 3 October 2014

The Handmade Fair

Unless you have been living under a rock, you've probably heard about The Handmade Fair that took place a few weeks ago at Hampton Court.
The weekend was chock-a-block full of crafty workshops, talks with awesome makers, tons of handmade sellers and some pretty tasty food stalls - all in all, a crafters dream!

I was lucky enough to be given a ticket by my friend Sarah of the wonderful Shark Alley Jewellery. I didn't take part in any of the workshops, but was perfectly content wandering around the site and drinking it all in for a few hours.

I took so many photographs but I thought I'd share just a few snaps of my favourite stalls.

Shark Alley Jewellery has recently undergone a makeover, and I love it! I've been watching in the sidelines as Sarah has made these changes, and I'm so proud of her! I've always had a soft spot for her beautiful creatures, now if only she'd make a cat necklace to join them ;)

The blankets and throws on offer from So Cosy were to die for - if I could have come home with anything indulgent, it would have been one of these!

Punto Belle caught my eye thanks to their gorgeous fabrics which are all designed by Lois and her cute make up pouches and bags would be perfect for Christmas pressies (yes, I went there!).

The wire works by Lucy Elisabeth are so delicate that I spent a fair bit of time studying each one. I was particularly drawn to the keys and would love to have a collection of them on the wall.

I'm slightly annoyed when I look at my photos from Victoria & Abigail's stall - how I left without buying anything I don't quite know. From muted ceramics and bags to dyed eye masks and lampshades, I pretty much loved everything on offer!

Ros Shiers proved to be another firm favourite of the day - her drawing style is amazing! I absolutely adore the animal portraits and have been arguing with myself about whether enquiring for pet commissions would be taking my crazy cat lady status too far...

I was super duper excited to find the TOFT stand and got slightly flustered when I got to meet Kerry Lord herself. Having worked with TOFT before on the trusty Beehive Hat, it was brilliant to chat with her about her new book Edward's Menagerie (you can find a review & one of my attempts over on Eight & Sixteen!) and I think the setup of the stalls was my winner for the day.

After all the browsing, I was pretty hungry and chuffed to find the No.G cart from which I bought possibly the best gluten free quiche I've ever had in my life! I had a chat with the guy who served me and apparently they will soon be stocked in Sainsburys - yay! It's so great to see savoury gluten free options starting to take the front seat.

I also got the chance to spend some time at the Yumbles tent which was full to the brim of more foodie goodies, but I'll be talking about them in more detail soon - stay tuned :)

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