Friday, 10 October 2014

Making Truffles at Chocoholly

Last Saturday I was invited along to Chocoholly to spend the afternoon making truffles. How. Cool. Is. That.
I've made truffles before (last Christmas in fact!), but I had a feeling that this class would be on a different level, and it really really was.

Lauren and I headed to the Chocoholly shop which is on the Hove end of Western road in Brighton, and settled in to what was probably the tastiest class I've ever been to.
Holly started the class off with a tasting session in which we sampled pure cacao nibs and 100% dominican republic, 80% ugandan, and 64% peruvian buttons and I really think I could get used to chocolate that dark - especially now that I know how much better it is for you (the wonderful words "it's good for you" were used!).

Holly then moved on to showing us how to make the ganache for our truffles and explained the ways that you could customise the filling. I found this really interesting and even more so when instead of pouring her chocolate chunks into the heated cream to mix, she poured the cream over the chocolate instead and left them to sit for a few minutes before stirring them together perfectly. Sounds like a small detail, but it definitely made a difference!

Making Truffles class c/o Chocoholly

After a demonstration from Holly on ways to decorate the truffles (I particularly loved the penguin) it was time to start decorating our own truffles - with set ganache made earlier Blue Peter style!
This really was so much fun - albiet messy - and I loved every minute of it. I attempted a cat truffle that looked a little demonic, made a few lollies and marshmallow sticks and then tried a few simpler designs using rose petals, orange peel and raw cacao nibs for toppings.

Overall this class for me was pretty much perfect. Holly was so welcoming and really made the class special, and I loved the opportunity to have fun with baking and learn new skills. The shop itself is also full to the brim with beautiful chocolates all made by Holly, there is definitely something for everyone and I thought the Halloween bars below were super cute!

I would recommend Chocoholly 100% and though it's still too far ahead to plan, I'm already considering one of the classes for my hen party; I reckon all my special girlies would love it. A huge thank you to Holly for inviting me along to the class, and if you're local to Brighton or planning a visit then make sure you stop by Chocoholly :)


  1. Oh goodness, drooling. This sounds so much fun though, brilliant Hen idea! Can I come!? Haha

    Chambray & Curls /

    1. I know! Such a fun way to spend a day - we should totally organise a bloggers one when you are down next :) xx

  2. This looks like so much fun. If I lived near Brighton I'd definitely be checking out a class!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

    1. It's a really great experience - if you ever come make sure you visit :) x

  3. This looks brilliant and delicious- those Halloween bars are adorable. xxx

    1. You are right Katie, brilliant and delicious :D x

  4. This looks like so much fun!! xx

  5. It was actually the most delicious afternoon ever! :)


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