Monday, 21 July 2014

White Tree Fabrics x Grainline Hemlock Tee

For my next White Tree Fabrics Project, I chose this incredible warm jersey in grey. I intended to make the long sleeved top from the v8879 pattern, but after making the blue version, I knew that this fabric needed something different.

Enter the FREE Hemlock Tee from Grainline. This pattern has been sat in my downloads folder for far too long, and I knew its time had come.
This pattern is amazing - I can't believe it's free! Jen clearly knows her stuff, and the hundreds of versions of the top you can find online by other sewers is testament to that. I can't wait to make tons more, especially proper tshirt versions and not jumpers! (If White Tree Fabrics start stocking stripy jerseys then I'm in real trouble!)

Anyway, the fabric is amazing and exactly what I'm looking for in a knit fabric. It's soft, cosy, has a subtle marl effect and was so nice to work with. Basically, I can't sing its praises enough!
I was a little worried about using a heavier knit for the hemlock pattern, but I love the finished result and it came together so quickly.

All in all this has been a winning combination for me, and I'm pretty excited to see this jumper become a part of my everyday wardrobe; thank you White Tree Fabrics and Jen :)


  1. This shirt is amazing! It's beautiful and looks great on you. So snuggly and cozy looking.

  2. This is fab!! did you do it all on your machine or do you have an over-locker too? xx

  3. It looks gorgeous - well done you! Also, your hair is looking AMAZING. xxx

  4. love this top! looks so comfy :)

  5. Ohh it looks so comfortable and lovely! The fit is perfect! xx

  6. Looks fab! It does look like a lovely fabric to wear!

  7. Great job, it looks super cosy and snuggly. I bet you can't wait for the sun to go in and wear it. (Well maybe not?) I love your photography too :)

  8. Very envious of your slim and slender legs! The tops look great! x
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