Friday, 4 July 2014

Crafting: My Second Quilt

Here it is, my second quilt! My beautiful little niece arrived on summer solstice; she is perfect. I completely adore her, and I couldn't be happier for my brother, his girlfriend and their new little family.

There was a little chaos getting the binding sewn on in time, resulting in very sore fingers (and once again reminding me that I really need to get a thimble!) but it all came together really well. Sewing this quilt on my Janome made a huge difference - if only I could go back and re-do my first quilt on it! Maybe I can make room for another quilt for myself in the future...?!

Anyway, I'm so pleased with the fabrics and colours I chose in the end; it's so happy! The backing is a super soft flannel which I'm hoping will be nice and cozy, and I decided to go with chevron quilting to add a bit more detail - I love the effect of it.

I'm a little sad not having this burst of colour dotted around the flat anymore, but giving it as a gift was the best feeling. My brother and his girlfriend seemed to really love it which made me super happy, and hopefully as my little niece grows she will come to love it too :)


  1. This is just too cute. Congratulations to you all! I always think that handmade pieces like this are so special, the sort of thing that will be rediscovered in 30 years and bring back floods of memories. It looks so perfect
    Chambray & Curls /

  2. Looks amazing. You are seriously talented!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  3. It's amazing, Skye- I have no doubt that it will become a future family heirloom :) xxx

  4. It's lovely! She's a lucky little lady!

  5. You clever thing, it's perfect!!!!

  6. This is so cool! ;A; I love this quilt you made~ The pattern is so cute and it looks so cozy<3
    --Kiyomi xx


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