Friday, 6 June 2014

White Tree Fabrics

Fabrics, notions & pattern c/o White Tree Fabrics

Remember back in February when I posted about making my own clothes again? Well, it seems that this really is the year for me!

I am now super happy to be part of the White Tree Fabrics blogging team - yay!
White Tree Fabrics are an online shop specialising in dressmaking fabrics, and they offer so many fabrics as well as patterns, threads, accessories etc. Make sure you have time to spare if you're planning on browsing - you may lose a few hours!

So, as part of the blogging team, I will be making up my chosen pattern and documenting my progress here as well as on the White Tree Fabrics website. I'm seriously excited about this and cannot wait to get started!
When I chose my pattern, I kept practicality at the forefront of my mind. I really want to build myself a hand made wardrobe, and this means starting with the basics; a simple, but very wearable Tshirt. The fabrics are gorgeous and will provide enough of a challenge for me as usually stretch fabrics hate me (!)

Stay tuned for a progress update soon, and thank you to White Tree Fabrics for making me a part of your team :)


  1. Hi Skye,
    I can't wait to see what you create! I'm so pleased to have you as part of the team. Fab blog post ;)

  2. Phew, thought you were posting a finished make! Hehe. Glad to see a glimpse of your project :-)


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