Friday, 30 May 2014

DIY: Upcycled Pallet to Herb Garden

A herb garden was one of the first things J and I started planning for before we'd even moved into a flat with outdoor space.
A few weeks before we moved, we found this pallet and lugged it home with us, and started planning the garden.

There are loads of ways to customise a pallet for your needs, and even though we totally made this up as we went along it's turned out perfect for us and I can't wait to finish potting the remaining tasty herbs!

First, you need to decide how many "pockets" you want to create. J removed four of the slats from the front of the pallet so that we would end up with 6 pockets. You can keep all of the slats to create more (but smaller) pockets, but we wanted to give the herbs more space.

Then it's time to create your pockets. I was very haphazard with this and just cut a rectangle of landscaping fabric slightly larger than the gaps and then started tacking it into place. After lots of folding and tucking, you end up with a pocket; staple into place making sure that there are no holes at the bottom of the pocket.

This is what the pocket looked like after attacking it with a staple gun! You can trim away any excess fabric, but I didn't worry about this too much as the soil and herbs will cover it up.

Make the other pockets in the same way. We then placed some bamboo fencing (left behind by the previous tenants!) on the back of the pallet - again stapling it into place - just as a finishing touch. Then, fill your pockets with soil and fill with your chosen herbs.

To finish the whole thing off, I painted the slats in front of each pocket with blackboard paint and then labelled each one accordingly with a chalk marker. This proved doubly useful as the paint covered up the uneven wood stains from the slats removed in the beginning!

Even though this project has taken a while to come together - and will keep evolving - it is possibly one of my favourite DIY projects ever.
It was a project J and I could do together, it's a great way to upcycle, it's providing us with yummy herbs that we've grown ourselves, and if we decide to move again in the future, we can easily take it with us; it's a win win all round :)


  1. It looks great! Herbs are definitely my favourite thing to plant in the garden- they smell lovely, tend to be quite low-maintenance, and taste delicious! Looking forward to seeing more of your new-flat projects xxx

  2. This is a great project! I have a couple of pallets stashed in my parents garage so might give this a go! :) x

  3. I like! Great idea for a pallet - it looks like something you'd pay a fortune for at a fancy upcyling shop! :-) x

  4. This is so cool! There are so many neat things you can do with pallets. This might be my favorite!


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