Saturday, 15 March 2014

What's on my desk

As I'm still swooning over the luxury of having my own desk, I thought I'd share a few snaps. I bought it from eBay and had it delivered the day after we moved - and I already can't imagine my crafty life without it.

My sewing machine takes pride of place on top, alongside my all important stash of washi tapes. I bought the mug tree from a charity shop thinking that it would easily hold them all; alas I clearly have too many (joking of course, you can never have too many!).

When I was looking to buy a desk I knew that I wanted a writing bureau for the drop down top and awesome amounts of storage. I'm super duper happy with this setup as as the end of a sewing day I can just shut the top up and hide the mess!

Inside I have a complete jumble of sewing and crafts materials. To be honest, when we were moving I just emptied all of the contents in a mish mash thinking that I'd come back and organise it all, but so far I haven't needed to. I can pretty much see where everything is as I'm so used to having everything in jars and boxes, but maybe one day I'll reorganise it all.

There is also a drawer that I've filled with stamps, inks, stationery and paper, and then a cupboard at the bottom that fits all of my fabrics perfectly. I've had to put a few other supplies in storage boxes, but for now this desk is just right for storing all of the essentials :)


  1. Gorgeous sewing machine!
    You're so beautifully organized, I wish I could have a work space like yours!!


  2. Lovelovelove it, I have major envy!

  3. I love your dresk. My gran used to have one like this and I which I had one because it's so nice for storing everything back up and making it look tidy. The little sewing box is so cute.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  4. Wow. Gorgeous working space. I love how organised and compact everything is :) x

  5. good organisation! i like your washi tape collection ;3

  6. This must make crafting so much more enjoyable! I find the hardest part is often clearing up the (creative!) mess when the space is needed for something else, and now you don't have to worry about that :) xxx


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