Thursday, 20 March 2014

Crafting: It's A Cinch Tote Bag

Well whaddya know, I've made a real bag!

I fell in love with this pattern as soon as I saw the prototype. One of the best parts of my job is witnessing my boss Lisa whip up these amazing bags and patterns - seriously, her talent knows no bounds.

I took a shamefully long time to get started on making this bag, but I'm so glad that (despite a few hiccups) I've made it. The design is awesome and gives you a bag that is not only big enough for a laptop if needs be, but can also be adapted to create a smaller and totally different shape; this is bag gadgetry, therefore I love it.

I made a few changes to the pattern inspired by this bag which is amazing - man there are some insanely talented crafters out there!
(And there lies another perk of my job; ogling all of the amazing makes from our customers).

Anyway, it seems I have a very narrow mindset when it comes to the colours I work with, but I'm trying to break out of it, honest. I just can't help it when I get hold of amazing colour combos like these, they are made for each other!
The exterior fabrics were both given to me and I bought the yummy mustard lining fabric on eBay. After paying just £1 for it I wasn't expecting much, but lucky for me it's even better than I had hoped, and there is still about 3 metres of the stuff left over.

So there we have it! A new bag for me that is super practical, and pretty easy on the eyes too.
As I've said before, I know it will sound biased coming from me, but Lisa's patterns are great and I love working from them. If you've never given bag making a go, maybe it's time to reconsider :)


  1. That looks great! Well done :)
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. You talented thing, you! That bag looks awesome :) Really looking forward to seeing you Sunday xxx


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