Sunday, 2 March 2014

Home Snippets

Today marks a month in our new home (man has that gone quickly!) so I thought I'd share a few snaps now that we're settled.

As things turned out the bedroom has fallen into pretty much the same layout as in the old flat but this is fine by me. The ladder inadvertently became part of the furniture as Pixel adores it, and loves lording over us on it at night!
I'm glad the room is fairly neutral 'coz it means that duvet covers can take all the focus. This one is a circus print from Joules that I was sent just as we moved. Technically it is a children's set, but pfffft! I love it far too much to worry about that.

The lounge is my favourite room - it's open plan through to the kitchen and there are doors out onto the patio which let in tons of light. This is the first place we've lived where there's been room for both J and I to have desks - mine is a writing bureau that I found on Ebay and I absolutely love it. Expect to see sewing posts there from now on.

The kitchen is so much bigger than our old one that we didn't know what to do with the space at first. I'm pretty smitten with it now though - cooking together is way more fun.
The brown shelves are from Ikea and are a great way to have things on display.
Last week Lauren invited me along to the opening of the new TK Maxx in Hove where I was kindly given a gift voucher, so in the spirit of the new place I picked up the colanders - navy and lime green look great together and work pretty well on the shelf I reckon :)
(And yes, those are succulents you can see... told you I was obsessed!).

And finally, my sewing machine Elna has taken pride of place in the bathroom (this baffled my sister completely). This model is from the 1940's; I love the style so much, she's so cool!

I already feel so at home here, and can't wait to spend lazy summer days out in the garden - I'll be doing a separate post about that and what we have planned for it soon :)


  1. Beautiful home!!


  2. Your home looks absolutely gorgeous! I love it! x

  3. Your house is looking lovely, and I LOVE that Circus duvet cover :) I've been lusting after it (along with everything else on the Joules website) for absolutely ages. Sadly it will not fit on our duvet :( It is, however, top of the list of "Why we should have babies". xxx

  4. Glad to hear youve settled in nicely, it's such a lovely space to sit in. The duvet is gorgeous, I lobve joules! I so nearly bought some colanders at tkmaxx, so gorgeous!

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  6. It looks so beautiful Skye, I'm so pleased for you! xx

  7. Oh it looks lovely! I adore all the sewing machines and plants around. I actually like the ladder alot too! So funny what cats make us do

  8. Yay, i love seeing bloggers lovely abodes, and yours is rather charming.


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