Friday, 24 January 2014

Crafting: Hexagons

Remember how I said I keep switching from wanting to get crafty and then falling into a creative slump? Well, knowing that I should be packing instead has also been a big factor, but I just had to do something to keep my crafty mind happy.

So, hexagons. I know, I know. Crazy quilt lady in the making over here; I already have another blanket planned for this year but it's a secret - shhh!

I never thought I'd be into the whole hexagon style of quilting, but damn these are therapeutic to make. I've been pretty under the weather the last week with a nasty ear infection too so they have quickly become my new best friends.
In preparation for moving I've gone through my entire fabric stash and sorted it all out which left me with a nice little bundle of scraps perfect for these guys. I've been whipping them up in the evenings (accompanied by Orange is the New Black!) with no idea why I'm making them or what I'm going to do with them.

Any ideas?! I'm definitely not planning to make anything big with them, but there's got to be some way I can mix them into a small crafty project... answers on a postcard please :)


  1. you are so patient!! what about place mats or coasters for your new pad! Hope you are feeling a little better xx

  2. They're so beautiful!
    Hope you're feeling better soon xx

  3. These are beautiful! I keep seeing hexagons, totally need to give them a go. What about turning them into a cushion? Loving your blog. :) Leanne (@knitmeacake) x

  4. oh, these are so pretty! i love all the patterns, especially the tea pot and dotted ones ^^ i think they would make an awesome blanket!
    i just found your blog and i'm definitely a new follower - i love creative sites like yours!

    come visit me sometime -

  5. They are so pretty, I love the colours. Hope you feel better soon Skye :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches


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