Sunday, 5 January 2014

Books to read: 2014

Here we go, another year of books to read!
I scraped through my Goodreads challenge from 2013 and read my target of 20 books - yay! However, I did avoid a few books that I shouldn't have (Wuthering Heights I'm looking at you) so I really need to make sure I plough through those this year.

The books above include a few Christmas presents which I'm super excited to read, and the bottom 3 are books that lauren gave me far too long ago. I'm determined to get through these and then pass them on - I really need to keep a check on which books are worthy of a place on my over crowded bookshelves!

I've also crammed my iPad full of options - many of which I've chosen based on Erin and Jennie's recommendations.
I love seeing what everyone has added to their shelves on Goodreads; it's such a good way to discover new books :)


  1. Good luck! I am hoping to read The Life of Pi this year too! :)

  2. I love the look of these books. I always admire how much you read, I need to get on it! I think it's make my rambily writing (and spelling) better! I loved the Life of Pi movie and I've heard the book was amazing!

  3. One of my resolutions was to read more and blog about it too! The colours of your books look so lovely together! :)

    La Dulcie Vita
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  4. Great selection of books! Would love to hear your thoughts on Gluten is my Bitch when you've read it.

  5. You've not read Anne Frank yet? Oh my! I wore one copy out in my early teens and had to buy another! My book post will be coming soon, I managed to just beat my target of 30, i'm actively avoiding posts about books now so my 'to read' list doesn't get longer!


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