Tuesday, 28 May 2013

just to say...

life is a little hectic at the moment, and it sucks to admit that all things crafty have had to be put to one side.
i can't believe june is almost here, and tomorrow i'm heading off to london to go to the company blogger awards evening. thank you again to everyone who nominated or voted for me, i'm super grateful and chuffed to be part of such an awesome community.

it's frustrating having to put things on hold here, but at least for the next week or so i'm afraid boring old life problems have to take priority... see you soon <3

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

peter pan and wendy

i wanted to share a few of these amazing illustrations i was given for my birthday.
j's nan is an antiques dealer (we have her to thank for so many of our belongings) and she is always finding the most beautiful books and prints for me. despite the fact that this (first edition!) copy of peter pan and wendy had crumbled, she knew that i would love the illustrations and sent me the ones left in tact.

peter pan has always been one of my favourite stories, and these illustrations fit it perfectly, i adore them! now i'm on the hunt for the perfect frames...

Thursday, 16 May 2013

nail varnish: current favourites

|barry m gelly hi shine - blueberry| |opi - gouda gouda two shoes| |mua - stormy skies| |opi - i have a herring problem| |mua - pistachio ice cream|

now that my nails are finally starting to feel a bit healthier, i've been able to start enjoying nail varnish again and these are the ones i'm constantly reaching for.

despite the hype surrounding the barry m gelly varnishes, i actually wasn't too impressed at first. i don't know whether this was because i started using them when my nails were still in pants condition, (i have noticed an improvement with using them since) but the colours themselves are definitely worth the hype- blueberry is amazing- and so bright!
i'd not had much experience with opi nail varnishes until recently, and when i saw them for £3.99 on |fragrance direct| i was pretty chuffed. gouda gouda two shoes is the closest thing to pink you will ever see on me, with a perfect rusty tone to it. i have a herring problem was brought to my attention by steph who was looking for a butter london dupe, and i ended up lusting after this. it looks different under every light which i love, and despite the glitter, it's not a bugger to get off- yay. in case you were wondering, i can now see myself becoming a full on opi addict!
finally, two shades from mua which i adore. stormy skies is black but with a green/gold shimmer running through it- another great one to catch the light, and pistachio ice cream is my perfect mint shade...it's only taken a few years to find it (!).

Monday, 13 May 2013

recent makes

i bought this fabric from a charity shop nearly a year ago now, and originally planned to make a dress from it. however i stupidly didn't unfold it in the shop (i know, i know,) and despite being found in the "1 metre +" basket, it had a huge great chunk cut out of the middle (by the way, who does that?! cut from the edge people...)
that meant a dress was out of the question. i then decided to make a super easy elasticated skirt with it, but once finished it just didn't look right. so, i took it apart, made a few changes and turned it into this button up skirt which works so much better.

and next up, the humble fabric pen & white tshirt diy combo. such an easy and satisfying project!
yes, i realise my artichoke obsession may be getting slightly out of hand, but let's just ignore that; i knew i wanted an unusual design and this seemed to fit perfectly.
i had intended to colour these in, but once i finished the outlines i changed my mind. maybe i'll add the colour in later?!
i think customising plain tshirts can be quite addictive- and a great way to stay creative if you're in a bit of a slump- try it if you don't believe me :)

Monday, 6 May 2013

totes best friend pdf pattern

i have exciting news! my very first digital pattern is now available for download!

long time readers might remember this little tote pocket from last year; i started making them to sell but couldn't keep up with it alongside work, and the poor little pocket was forgotten about.
however, i finally sat down and wrote up a pattern for it, with step by step photos and instructions. it's been so much fun to put together, and i hope it's a project that people will really enjoy making.

the pattern is available to buy for £3.25, simply click the 'buy now' button above to be taken through to paypal. the pdf file will then be emailed to you- it's as easy as that!

it will be available to buy through my blog- you'll find the thumbnail in the right hand sidebar :)

Sunday, 5 May 2013

my filofax week: april round up

it took me a few minutes for it to sink in that april is over. seriously, that month has flown by!

anyway, i gave my filofax a little makeover at the beginning of the month- i get bored with it very easily, oops. i've been secretly lusting after |this one| from their new range in aqua- the colour is to die for! alas, i cannot justify buying a new one, so be prepared for more washi tape makeovers!
i also have a super bright and fun new multi pen that was a birthday present from lauren- i know the colours haven't photographed well, but believe me they are amazingly bright in real life and have definitely helped to liven up those blank white pages.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

diy iphone 3 cases

here's a super easy diy to jazz up your phone. it's so easy to put together and is also nice and thrifty- i bought the clear case from ebay |here| and then used bits i already had in my craft supplies.

there are endless possibilities on designs you could use- washi tape was an obvious choice for me, but i'm also really chuffed with the wrapping paper design; how many times have you been given awesome wrapping paper and not known what to do with it?!