Saturday, 27 April 2013

quilt update #3

well, would you look at that; not only do i have half of my quilt sewn together, i also already have pixel's approval!

there are four more strips to sew on (to the left hand side) and that will be the top of my quilt finished. i'm starting to freak out a little bit about sewing the rest of it together- just this piece itself is proving to be a mission on my battered little machine.
i've started looking into easy ways of binding etc., and also thinking about what sort of stitching i'm going to do for the actual "quilting" bit.

all in all though, i'm still loving the process of making a quilt, and am really hoping the rest of it comes together relatively easily. if you want some more quilty inspiration, check out my pinterest board |here| and also check out fran's amazing quilt that she blogged about last week |here|.

i'm suffering from a rotten spell of chronic headaches at the moment which have pretty much dominated my whole week, but here's hoping i feel a little better tomorrow- crafty sundays are what it's all about :)

isn't that right pixel...

Monday, 22 April 2013

my girls

yesterday pixel turned one, and today my little sister turns 21.
i can't remember not having pixel in my life. she is a crazy, scatty and super affectionate ball of fluff, and seeing how happy she is when i walk through the door just melts my heart.
and t, you are my best friend. you are the best sister in the world and i am so grateful to have you and our family in my life. i don't know how i'd cope without having you on the other end of the phone. thank you for being you, and for sharing my obsessive love for harry potter. i love you always.

they are my girls.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

diy: reef knot string necklaces

i've had this idea floating around in my head ever since my birthday visit to the sealife centre a few weeks ago. there was a huge frame filled with different sailor's knots and they were all so intricate- perfect for jewellery!
ever the thrifty diy'er and in keeping with the nautical theme, i grabbed a ball of string and set to work; these necklaces are so so easy to make but so effective, and are a great finishing touch for summery outfits. i have made two different styles- one features the reef knot with loose plaited strands, and the other features the reef knot with the plaited strands then plaited again.

also, i just wanted to say a huge huge thank you to everyone who voted for me in the company blogger awards- i have been shortlisted in the "best crafting blog" category and am super chuffed! it really means a lot to me that so many people share my obsession for crafting and diy's, so if you can spare a minute i'd love for you to vote for me here. thank you :)

Sunday, 14 April 2013


|nails:barry m gelly in blueberry| |jelly shoes:c/o sun jellies| |necklace:katzeshop| |jeans:fat face|

hooray for sunshine! i'm sure everyone has been saying that all day, but let's face it, we need to take a moment to revel in it :)
it was the brighton marathon today and the seafront has been insane- the usual 5 minute walk to the beach took about half an hour! it was so worth it though, i cannot explain how amazing it was to lie in the sunshine for a few hours.

i was also finally able to show off these amazing jelly shoes from sun jellies. kelly kindly sent them to me over a month ago now, and i've been itching to wear them ever since. last summer i bought some blue jellies and i remember a lot of people saying "no don't do it!" but god damn it, i bloody love jellies and these have definitely been promoted to be my staple summer shoe!

i even took the plunge and went for a paddle in the sea- a slightly mad idea as the sea was super feisty- but it was awesome despite ending up with very soggy jeans :)

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes on monday, i've had such an amazing few days and have been totally spoilt. big love to j and my family <3

i had a great pre-birthday treat last thursday; i was invited to powder beauty boutique in brighton who were hosting a pampering evening alongside gallo wine(remember my yummy wine sorbet recipe?). i think most of my nail art posts include some whinging (sorry!) about the poor state of my nails, so i felt super lucky to be treated to a manicure, whilst also grilling the lovely rachel about how to get my nails in better shape.

(colours used: opi 'what's with the cattitude' & 'live and let die')

i thought i'd feel a little out of place in a beauty salon, but i loved having freedom with my colour choices- these looked so good together! the decor was perfect and lauren and i spent ages browsing the nail varnishes, clothes and jewellery that was on display. thank you to everyone involved in the evening- it was awesome :)

and then onto the day of my birthday, which started off with tea and presents in bed and skype with my mum and sister. oh, and pixel being crazy hyper from the excitement of wrapping paper and ribbon! j and i then spent the day playing tourists at the sealife centre, and stopped on the way home to play mini golf (!) ...i totally won!

a worrying amount of the day was spent enjoying amazing food- my favourite breakfast of egg 'n' soldiers, an amazing gluten free chocolate cheesecake made by j, and then dinner at bill's (which incidentally is my new favourite restaurant in brighton- go there!). i had the grilled halloumi and humus burger/sandwich- with gluten free bread!- and a side of the best fries ever. i have never been so full, but it was all totally worth it and a great way to spend the day :)

Thursday, 4 April 2013

springtime sewing

just because the sun isn't out, it doesn't mean it's not spring. the daffodils are out, it's my birthday soon, and i've had my annual spring clean. so there.

okay, so that might not be a universal truth, but it's enough for me.
i don't know if it's a thrifter thing, or a sewer thing, but you know those piles of clothes that seem to accumulate (the ones that are missing a single button, or need a retouch to the hem) in a forlorn pile somewhere by your sewing machine? well today i have tackled mine, and re-sewn on half a dozen buttons, fixed a shirt hem and admitted defeat on a top that just can't be saved (don't worry though, that is now in the "clothes to be cut up for fabric stash" pile!).

it's been so refreshing and has made me actually delve into my wardrobe properly for the first time in ages. i really need to make an effort to wear all of my clothes and stop reaching for the same old favourites every day.

i then moved on to having a little organise of the mezzanine, though this is a constant chore and will never be finished! if you follow me on instagram (skyepennant) you may have seen the sewing caddy i made last week, in a effort to keep all my sewing essentials in one place.

the fabric i used was from my aforementioned clothes > fabric stash; an old pair of leggings that were beyond wear. probably not the wisest choice to use such a heavy knit for a little craft project, but it's worked out pretty well and is working amazingly at stopping me from losing things. it also stops pixel from stealing my pins and loose bits of thread- man can she squirrel things away when she wants to.

and finally, i was recently given this gorgeous fabric from my boss- i am in love with it. i'm sketching out some bag designs for it at the moment and am so excited to get started on another design.

i have a few other projects on the go at the moment, but i can't blog about them. the problem with having a blog that people actually know about and read (hello!) is that any presents in the making have to be kept under lock and key- boo! never mind though, i'm sure i'll be posting about them soon enough :)