Tuesday, 26 February 2013

plastic fantastic

last thursday, i was invited along to plastic fantastic; an event at porta (bond street in the north laines for you fellow brighton-ers!) showcasing the new collections of some pretty awesome designers. 

with some of my favourite fellow brighton bloggers, we had the chance to ogle the new collections and meet the designers themselves; it was a really good way to chat to them and hear about the new pieces. 

being the crazy cat lady that i am, i fell instantly in love with the cat & goldfish necklace above by sugar jones- isn't it amazing?! 

i had a fun chat with anna of maggie angus about the weird world of blogging, and was super chuffed to see that her new collection catered to us monochrome lovers!

i think i spent the most time at the katzeshop table, i absolutely loved the detail and muted tones of the jewellery, and i also began to question the lack of collars in my wardrobe to attach these amazing collar clips to.

finally, i found myself at the designosaur table and thanked my lucky stars that there are other animal lovers out there who are talented enough to actually make jewellery in hommage to them. dinosaur rings and dodo and mammoth wooden laser cut necklaces- what's not to love! i've also spied a pretty cute elephant ring on their etsy page who looks like he could make me very happy.

i'm so grateful that i got to attend such an awesome evening, it was great to meet so many creative people! thank you again to david and amanda, and also to all of the designers (and your generosity), and good luck with the new collections :)

all images are by bob prosser via the porta brighton facebook page

Thursday, 21 February 2013

quilt update #1

over the last few weekends i've been working on my first quilt, and am very very slowly starting to make progress with it. 

one of the reasons i put off making a quilt is the lack of space i have in my flat, but i'm working around that- and as you can see i've made full use of my stationery collection! 
once i had all my pieces cut, i moved some furniture around to get some floor space, and then worked out a rough layout. i wasn't worried about a structured pattern, but doing this means i haven't ended up with 2 squares of the same fabric together. 
then, (with j's help) i used paperclips and post-it notes to label each row; it might look mad, but now i won't need to go moving furniture around until the top of the quilt is finished, and i won't lose that initial layout.

since then i've actually been able to start sewing the squares together which is awesome, it's weirdly therapeutic! overall there are going to be 10 rows of 8 squares and i've sewn together 2, so there is still a long way to go. i'm still pretty terrified about the stages after this, but i haven't found a backing fabric yet anyway, so there's no point thinking about it for now! 

i hope these little space saving tips are helpful to anyone else who has a small work area- it's so much easier working with the small bundles now and to be honest, any excuse to overuse stationery is never a bad thing :)

Sunday, 17 February 2013

my filofax week #7

today has been such a good day; a morning of wandering around at a car boot sale in the sunshine followed by working on my quilt- yay! despite not buying anything, it felt so good to just amble around the car boot browsing, i can't wait to make them a regular sunday activity again. 

i'm thinking that after next week i might start doing the "my filofax week" photos in one big post at the end of each month. i definitely want to keep them up, but think it will work better for me as a monthly round up post...i'll see what happens!

also, thank you to everyone who has commented so far on my post about a blogger meet up; please spread the word and let me know if you have any suggestions!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

blogger meet up

every time i speak to any of you lovely bloggers/twitterers at the moment, we all end up saying the same thing "we need to do a bloggers meet up soon!" so i thought i'd dip my toes in the water and try to get some sort of ball rolling... 

i have been to, and seen the amazing blogger meets that go on everywhere, and whilst it all sounds amazing and i want to get involved, i don't want to end up as the sole organiser (two heads are better than one etc.).
so, if you are interested, or want to come along then please leave me a comment or tweet me; this post is just to see how people feel about the whole idea, and from there on i guess we can work out the logistics!

let me know if you have any ideas about when, where, and what you'd like to do; this is a totally blank canvas so suggest whatever you fancy!! :)

Sunday, 10 February 2013

my filofax week #6

oops, a super brief and late post this evening as it's been a crazy busy weekend. 
i hope you've all had a good weekend and have managed to avoid the miserable (and seemingly endless) rain. all i have to say is: here's to the summer!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

diy recipe folder

when my first filofax was sent back last year, i wasn't sure how long i would be without one, so made the decision to buy a back up from ebay. i won this little guy for £2.50, and despite being pretty battered, it served it's purpose whilst i awaited a replacement. 

fast forward a few months, and i felt bad that this folder no longer had a use, so decided to turn it into a little recipe folder. it's simple, interchangeable, and will only ever contain recipes that i absolutely love- yay!

i used the numbered tabs that came with it, and have gone for breakfast, lunch, dinner, baking, drinks and notes sections. 
i had so much fun putting this folder together- some of these recipes were previously scrawled on scraps of paper, so it feels good to have them all in one place, and i can't wait to cram it full over time :)

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


firefly was on j's christmas list last year. he unwrapped it excitedly, and from then on kept saying "we have to watch it together, you'll love it!". now i love a good geek out, don't get me wrong, but i have never really been into sci-fi and felt very dubious about it. also, j has played the "honestly, you'll love this film" or "no it's not that gory/violent!" line one too many times.
damn though, i was wrong. 
maybe it's the fact that the characters aren't covered in prosthetics, maybe it's the humour, i don't know. but seriously, i have fallen in love with this show and now join the millions of people (including sheldon cooper!) in hating fox for cancelling it. i'm so gutted i've finished watching it, and am now trying to fill the little tv series hole in my life. 

as i've been cooped up and ill over the last few days i've caught up with a lot of other shows- i finally started watching series 2 of new girl and girls, and j very sweetly bought me the jonathan creek box set too (major love for that show). 

if you have any recommendations for other shows i need to see, please let me know :) any genre, i'm open to suggestions! though as mentioned above, gore/violence do not bode well with me- for example as much as i love dexter, i spend most of the time watching from behind a cushion! 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

my filofax week #5

right now i am curled up on the sofa watching harry potter with a hot water bottle and lots of tea. i've been feeling rotten all week, and after a trip to the doctors on friday i am now on antibiotics for a week due to an ear infection and nasty chesty cough- rubbish!
i was super chuffed to be angela's top pick for her "my filofax week" challenge last week, especially as i think my pages look pretty boring in comparison to some others i've seen!
as you can see, i finally started driving lessons again earlier this week- eep! it's an unnecessarily long story as to why i stopped a few years ago, but i'm hoping to get them done and dusted before this year is out- fingers crossed! other than than, it's been a quiet week, but i'm thankful for that as the next few weeks are looking to be pretty busy.
if you're taking part in this challenge then let me know, i love finding inspiration for anything stationery related :)