Tuesday, 3 December 2013

janome cxl301

guys, meet my new best friend.

it's been a long time coming, but after 6 years of putting my old sewing machine through the works i have moved on. and oh man, as far as technology goes, this machine is like heaven to me.

i am insanely lucky to be working with janome, and i'll be putting this machine to the test on all of my crafty ventures.
i've been using a janome memory craft sewing machine at work for the last year, so am already familiar with the interface. it's so so different to my old machine and i'm so excited to explore its potential; i'm really hoping it pushes me further with my sewing.

i'll be posting a full review of the cxl301 once i've had time to get to know it, and i'd love to help anyone out there who is either looking at this particular model or looking to buy a new machine.
so, what would you like to know? if you have any questions or things that you'd like to see covered in the review then just leave me a comment - and i'll do my best to try and answer them!

oh, and one last thing. it seems only right that i give such a beautiful object a name, so if you have any suggestions for her then please share those too :)


  1. BEAUT-iful. I'd love to know things like; how easy she is to set up, re-thread, how loud she is, etc. I think Ginny would suit her :) xx


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