Tuesday, 10 December 2013

baking: personalised christmas biscuits

personalised cookie stamp kit c/o |stomp stamps|

here they are, my very own personalised biscuits! this kit from stomp stamps made an appearance a few posts ago, but i wanted to share the awesome results of the kit with you.

i remember seeing kits like these on american websites ages ago, and always thought it was a brilliant idea.
what makes this particular kit even more special though, is that stomp stamps are a local company based in hove. so many beautiful and customisable products - perfect for this time of year.

i absolutely loved working with this kit; i'm planning on making another batch of biscuits to take home for christmas (with a hint of cinnamon!) and hopefully i'll have all sorts of cute messages for my family on them!
i used my |easy peasy biscuits| recipe, which as much as i love it, probably doesn't give the cleanest effect. the ground almonds mean that the dough is quite coarse, but i imagine with a regular flour biscuit mix the letters would be even crisper.

definitely a great way to spend an afternoon getting into the christmas spirit :)


  1. These are adorable!! What a good way to spread Christmas cheer (although I would totally keep pretending that I'd run out of Christmas Spirit and therefore be forced to eat another biscuit! :p) xxx

  2. Ohh they look SO cute, what a wonderful idea. They would make a sweet gift <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  3. Such a good idea! And so simple - even a baking n00b like me can't get this wrong :P xoxo

  4. That stamp is so cool!! Using it on cookies is so clever~ I just love it!


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