Sunday, 10 November 2013

diy: ways to revive second hand finds

following on from my last post about buying thrifty, i thought i'd show you two easy ways to revive your clothes.

the first is such an easy tip but can be the difference between keeping an item of clothing and getting rid of it, and all you need is a lint shaver. these gadgets are amazing - designed to de-bobble your clothes when they're looking a little worse for wear.

this dress was in the bargain rail of my local charity shop for 50p, and after inspection, the bobbles on one side of the dress were the only issue. it took me about 20 minutes to go over the whole thing, and it's made such a difference. the dress might not get much wear until the summer, but it's totally worth it for under a £1!

i spotted this top straight away because of the stripes (note to self: stop buying stripy things!) and despite it being a size 18-20, i tried it on anyway. i loved the oversized fit of the body, but the sleeves looked a bit stupid, so the
step-by-step below was my solution.

i've done this to loads of tops over the years and think it's a super easy way to customise your clothes to a fit you love.
you can also alter wide leg jeans in the same way to make skinny jeans - particularly helpful if standard skinny jeans are too baggy at the knee/too long etc.


  1. You are so talented Skye, I would have no idea where to start with this stuff, thank you for sharing! Great tips!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  2. YOUR a ball of talent . YOU know this right LOL > I Love this and who knew !!!! awesome finds and I love the how too ..Keep em coming my friend and have a blessed new week

  3. Great post and so eco friendly to! I love finding old fabrics and cutting them up! Look forward to your next post. :-) Samantha


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