Thursday, 14 November 2013

crafting: quilted christmas stockings

and there was me thinking i hadn't caught the quilting bug! after an evening browsing pinterest (as you do), i decided i wanted to try my hand at hand quilting something for my next project.
i'm not insane enough to attempt a whole quilt, but with christmas coming up i thought stockings would be a great start. j and i have always given each other stockings - mainly full of chocolate (me) and coffee (him) but the stockings we have are looking particularly sad; we've had them since we were 18!
the back up design for |my first quilt| was a chevron style that i loved, but was a little intimidated by, so for these stockings that's what i'm aiming for.

i rustled together any scrap fabric that i thought might possibly feel festive once sewn up, and once again was donated some gorgeous fabrics by |sarah| who is my quilty partner in crime.
i made up a little cardboard triangle template, and set to work chopping. i'm now sewing the pieces together whenever i can; the main plus point for me doing this by hand is that i can carry it around with me.

i'm planning on piecing everything together as a big rectangle, and then cutting out the stocking shape afterwards. who knows if that's a good way to do it.
i've also already bought some fabric for the backings - a size 20 knee length skirt in a perfect christmas red - so i'm really hoping that i'll somehow have these finished before christmas eve!


  1. How fun! The fabric you have is beautiful!

  2. I CANT WAIT TO SEE THESE!! Sorry over excited hahaha...mine is still half finished :( just havnt had the time!!

  3. I love the fun fabric that you have chosen. I am sure that your creation will be just beautiful

  4. This Looks amazing!!! Can't wait to see Pictures of the finished stocking!
    I haven't started my Christmas sewing sessions yet, but it seems like it's high time to start!
    I just started a blog about my own Projects, maybe (hopefully) you'd like to give it a try?
    Kathybell –
    Thank you so much and have a beautiful day!

  5. I was just thinking earlier today that I want to make some stockings this year. I made an advent calendar lat year and plan on giving it to my future kids (whether they want it or not!!) Xxx

  6. Can't wait to see how these turn out - if your quilt's anything to go by I'm sure these are gonna be just as amazing :) xoxo


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