Sunday, 6 October 2013

my first quilt

well here it is, a post dedicated to showing off my quilt :)
as i write this, i have it thrown over me on the sofa with pixel nestled next to me - i think she may love it even more than i do!

i know there are tons of resources for quilt inspiration, but i'm gonna throw my own tips out there for any first timers like me who need that extra push to start their own quilt...

• don't be put off by lack of space. this was one of my biggest fears, but you find ways to work around it. check out |my first update| for tips on how to organise; post it notes, paperclips and a willing volunteer definitely help with this!

• love your iron. pressing your fabric is a tip ingrained into my skull from uni days. seriously, it makes such a difference to the finished look and also makes sewing with the fabric tons easier.

• ditto with pins. get as many pins (& safety pins for the basting) as you can lay your hands on!

• you don't need loads of quilting gadgets. this was another worry of mine, but i made do with what i had or was easily available to me. the tools i couldn't have made this quilt without are:

|pilot frixon pens| which can be erased with heat, so i could draw on any seam lines, the quilting lines etc., and then just iron the ink away - genius.

|bias tape maker| this made making the binding for my quilt so easy, and is really satisfying to use - owning one of these opens up a lot of doors for finishing clothes/quilts etc. coz you aren't restricted by the (usually crud) selection in haberdasheries.

|pinterest| & |youtube| these sites were my best friends during the harder stages of quilting. pinterest is an amazing place to go for inspiration and i have found so many new amazing crafty blogs through it, and youtube is a lifesaver when it comes to tutorials. sometimes all you need is to see someone quilting on their machine, or basting the layers together to push you forward, and videos like |this one| were super helpful.

• learn to love the imperfections. this was a hard tip to follow as i can be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to stitch lines. in the end though, feeding the entire thing through my machine with half of it rolled up and half of it swamping me, i gave in with perfection and have tried to appreciate the wonky lines as part of the hand-made charm (!).

and that's pretty much it!
thank you so much to everyone who has commented and followed my quilt progress, it's been so fun to share it and get feedback.
to anyone who has commented and said they'd love to make their own quilt, just go for it! honestly, it's one of my favourite projects and dare i say it, i can't wait to make another one day...


  1. I know I've said it before but it really does look beautiful, you did an amazing job! x

  2. Absolutely stunning and fab photos too! Very inspiring! :-) x
    Jo |

  3. I love it! Looks amazing... and the frixion pens were a really good idea! I love those aha - obviously come in handy for other things!

  4. That is SEW impressive (oh I am hilarious, right?) But seriously, good going! I can safely say I would never take on such a challenge, I am just not dexterous enough!

  5. Ahh so exciting to see the finished piece Skye! It looks absolutely amazing, your patience really paid off. (:

  6. You've done brilliantly with this, it's been great seeing your journey with it and the end result is just awesome! xoxo

  7. Wow, I LOVE this! I've been wanting to start making a quilt for ages. You've given me inspiration to go to east London tomorrow and mooch around for some materials. Thanks

  8. I love both the colours and the design of your first quilt!!! Well done. I've only made one quilt, over 12 months ago, but the feeling of pride still remains and I will make more. I agree with your point about learning to love the imperfections.. hard for me to do at first with my quilt, but I no longer see them and no one else ever did.


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