Wednesday, 2 October 2013

kempton antiques fair

last week i got to spend a day off with j so we ventured to kempton antiques fair which is one of our old favourites.
i adore mooching around and thrifting (if you hadn't noticed!) so thought i'd share a few snaps of the day as well as a few finds.

i've been looking for a letter rack for ages, and yes i know that this is technically a toast rack, but shh! it's cute and does the job perfectly.

the silk was given to me by j's nan; it's a parachute from the war (!) and is incredible. i cannot believe how fine it is - it's crazy to think that it could save a life. i have no idea what i'm going to make with it yet, but it will have to be perfect.

and finally, a totally design/geek find. these are original linotype drawings that were salvaged from the linotype foundry and are so cool! the stall had loads of them from a-z and j was browsing for ages. now we've just got to find some frames for them and get them up on display :)


  1. that's so lovely about the material, i hope you share whatever it is you decide to make from it! xx

  2. great finds! i so want that dress form hidden back among the furniture.

  3. ohh im so jealous! i need that linotype! might have to come steal it off your wall :) xx


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