Thursday, 26 September 2013

quilt update #6

once i'd gotten over my initial fear of the actual quilting part of my quilt, things really started to take shape.
two rainy weekends in succession meant that i managed to get it all done really quickly, and it's definitely one of the most satisfying feelings to see all those lines of stitching sitting pretty.
(don't get me wrong though, it was hard. really bloody hard. i had to roll it up like a sleeping bag to the point where i was sewing, and lack of table space, the weight of the quilt and the lack of weight my sewing machine has led to some very stroppy outbursts i can tell you!)

as i said in my last update, i made my binding from the reverse side of the duvet cover i used for the backing of the quilt. this turned out great, as i didn't have to do any joining for the binding at all- although i purposely cut four separate strips as it meant i could follow the pattern on the fabric properly.

after machine stitching one side of the binding, i then started hand sewing the other side down using a slip stitch. i was a bit nervous about this part taking forever, but with a good film on (harry potter obvs.) and the quilt draped over me, it was a really therapeutic process and made me really appreciate this whole project.

and guess what? i can now officially say: my first ever quilt is finished!!
i feel slightly deflated and a little lost now that it's done, but the satisfaction of seeing it draped on the sofa is awesome.

i'll be posting a few photos of it soon in all its glory, along with all the tips & tricks i've learnt along the way :)


  1. It looks beautiful - well done! x

  2. This looks amazing, and I'm glad I've come across another Harry Potter nerd (just uploaded a post on the harry potter studios if you're up for a nose!). You're seriously talented.x

  3. I've enjoyed seeing your progress! It looks great in these photos, and I imagine it'll stay with you forever!

  4. It's gorgeous! What a sense of achievement you must feel completing such a huge project. Did you want to come to the Bitch and Stitch on 7th Oct?

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  5. This is amazing! You;ve actually inspired me to start my own! :) It's still on the first row but I hope it turns out half as good as yours!


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