Sunday, 1 September 2013

my filofax week: august round up

here's my first "my filofax week round up" in my new diary.
at the end of last month the strap on my dakota split in half, which is exactly what happened on my first one. i am always so impressed with the filofax customer service team- i sent it back to them and chose a replacement and they were so helpful. i went for the pocket saffiano in aqua which i had been crushing on since its release and it's definitely love!
it was also a really good chance to have a clear out and re-organise and now i feel like i'm making the most of my diary more than ever (there may be a few sneaky christmas planning pages in there, but shhh).

it feels like i've done a lot of travelling this month; two visits to the iow for my mum and brothers birthdays, and catching up with uni friends in london have left me feeling pretty happy- is there anything better than catching up with your nearest & dearest?!

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