Friday, 13 September 2013

diy: upcycle a hula hoop with washi tape

it's a slightly unusual diy today, but if there's a way to combine crafting with exercise, who am i to argue?!

after being inspired by the girls at work doing hula fitness classes, and having a (very wobbly) go on their hoops at lunch, i started to look around for a hula hoop for myself. you can find them around for quite a good price- i think argos was the cheapest.

luckily for me, the thrifty gods were on my side, and i managed to find a pretty grubby one in a charity shop for £1. the glittery tape was peeling off, and someone had tried to cover it with a (questionably) sticky pink fabric, but when have first appearances ever put me off!

first, i had to peel off all the existing tape and fabric, and then give it a serious scrub and wash. some of the glue refused to budge, but i just tried to make sure the surface of the hoop was pretty smooth.

then it's just a case of winding one of your washi tapes around the hoop, and then filling in the gaps with the second tape. be warned, this project uses a lot of tape! (these two are from tiger by the way).
i went for quite muted colours, but think of the possibilities! if i'd had any sort of glittery tape, i would have used the lot.

it can take a few tries to get the spacing right, and i still have a few patchy areas, but overall i'm so happy with how it's turned out. as i'm not planning on joining any classes, my hoop will pretty much stay indoors, but if you do attempt this and want to waterproof it, i think a coat of varnish would do the trick.

so, the big question is, are there any hula hoopers out there? if so then let me know - i'd love to hear some tips and tricks :)


  1. Looks awesome! I may have to try this with my hoop xD

  2. Ooh love the transform!
    I need some washi tape in my life.

    Rosie x

  3. I love this what a great idea!!!
    btw Im a new follower of yours can you please check out my blog?
    thanks :) xxxxx


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