Friday, 2 August 2013

i love: hand-made makers

i am lucky enough to be surrounded by amazingly talented crafty friends. from uni besties, to co-workers, and not forgetting all of you fab bloggers, i never feel far from creativity. just writing that makes me smile!

i've had countless conversations with friends about their crafts and business ventures, and thought it was about time i showed them off a bit- their work is awesome and basically i just wanna spread the love :)

shark alley:

cute animals combined with purses and jewellery? yeah, i know, amazing.
sarah is my co-worker, and the brains behind shark alley, producing the most stunning hand-made resin jewellery and hand-stitched purses. i love it when sarah comes into work wearing something from her collection- the amount of work that goes into the resin jewellery is insane (note the speckles of glitter on the hare!). oh, and she also makes the cutest little otters i think i have ever seen- don't believe me? click here. one day, i will convince her to make little cats just like these :)

the bearded chap:

if you're planning a wedding at the moment then you definitely need to stay tuned for the bearded chap designs (etsy shop launching soon!). sam has been my partner in crime since the good ol' uni days, and i used to love nothing more than brainstorming and sketch-booking with her. and the best part about the bearded chap? sam offers a range of quirky accessories specifically tailored for men (who i fear can be overlooked on the big day!) and are unique from anything else i've seen. just imagine a wedding snap of the groom and groomsmen all lined up in one of these bow ties. so. cute.

duck & duffel:

i can't remember how i first stumbled across debbie's blog, but i know that i read every post and then tweeted about her awesomeness. we've had so many cool crafty chats this year, and i don't think we're in any danger of running out of steam.
with the launch of duck & duffel, debbie has blown me away with her collection, and i (with no exaggeration) am in love with her prints.
so, it seemed natural that we would eventually collide and i'm super excited to say that we are working together on some very bloody cool projects. debbie sent me the above samples a few weeks ago, and i'll have another post very soon to reveal how i've used them. squee!

so there you have it, a little slice of the creative talent i am surrounded by! don't forget to check out their sites and say hi, and if you have any favourite hand-made makers then i'd love to check them out too :)


  1. ohmygoodness!!! love them all!!! That fabric!! xxx

  2. Thank you, Skye. You are a star! XXX

  3. Thanks for the ruddy lovely blog post -you have made my day:) xxx

  4. you have a nice blog dear! mind to check out my blog? maybe we can follow each other :)


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