Tuesday, 20 August 2013

a catch up

phewf, it's been a while! the last 2 weeks has been filled with lots of nasty little surprises, one of which was a *simple* internet provider changeover resulting in no internet.
despite not being able to blog, it has actually been a refreshing change and i've come back to the interwebs wondering just what it is i usually do on here?!

anyway, i just wanted to write a little catch up post to say that i haven't disappeared!
i've been so overwhelmed with your support of my |pdf patterns| so thank you to everyone who has checked them out :)

in other news, i've been whizzing up a storm of fruit smoothies with a much needed new blender; i'm thinking of posting a few recipes on here and i'd love to hear if you have any favourites.
with the flat being an anti-techno zone, i've been reading like crazy and i'm really hoping to pick up the pace to make sure i complete my goodreads challenge. i'm currently reading 1984 (finally!) and am loving it so far.
oh, and i've also potentially found the backing fabric for my quilt (squee!) and i'm going to be doing a lot of research over the next few weeks to prepare me for the final stages. i am so excited to have it finished!

i'll leave it there for now, but i hope that you're all dandy and as a little treat, have a photo of pixel on me :)


  1. Oh no, internet free zones always make me feel antsy. Even if I have no reason/desire to be online, knowing it isn't an option makes me crazy! Glad to see you're coping better than I would ;)

    Also, gorgeous kitty x

  2. What a beautiful cat! Simple things such as switching internet never turn out to be so simple, do they...

  3. We have been there with no internet as we had the wrong type of cable when we moved house! No fun! Your cat is a beauty btw! SS

  4. OMGOODNESS I moved and was without internet for a tad.. BUT THE RUSTY PEARL is back at it... I love your cat.. JELLY BEAN would be besties LOL >> HUGS and have a blessed weekend .. SO good to read your blog posts..


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  6. aaahh, 1984 is such a good book. It took me two tries to get to the end, but it's totally worth it - enjoy!

    Girl Reviews Things xx

  7. Welcome back! Oh Internet providers are so much fun to deal with...>_<
    Am excited to see the finished quilt! How big is it? xoxo


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