Sunday, 21 July 2013

watermelon nails

is there a better way to paint your nails in this heatwave than to pay tribute to yummy fruit?! i don't think so...
i'm such a fruit addict in the summer, and as watermelon is my current favourite i thought i'd try it in nail art form.

these were really easy to do but took a lot of time to dry in between coats- don't be tempted to rush them like i did coz you'll end up with a smudgy gloopy mess!

i remember the very first nail art i attempted (pre-blog!) was strawberries; colourful fruit definitely translates well into nail art :)
if you have any fruit themed nail art then let me know, i'm trying to think of what i can try next...


  1. Please can you donate me some of you awesomeness?

    I love watermelons, these nails are just to cool :)

    Kelly ||

  2. So cute, Skye! My take on watermelon nails were a hot pink with mint green accent nail ;) forever lazy! xx

  3. so cute:) I wish I had more patience to do cute nails like these!

  4. Aww this is really cute!

    Eve & Faye x

  5. Your nails look amazing! x

  6. these are so so cute, will definitely be giving these ago! :)

  7. Oh! This is such a cute design! Perfect for the beach or the pool or whatever :) Love it!


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