Saturday, 13 July 2013

easy peasy biscuits

whilst in sardinia, we were spoilt with the most amazing food from j's mum. once upon a time i'd have thought cooking would be tricky out there, what with her being vegetarian and me being coeliac, but i don't think i've ever eaten so well (and all with their own home grown food!).

one evening dessert was a freshly made apricot cheesecake, and it was bloody delicious. i asked for the recipe as the base had turned out particularly well- if not a little crispy- and i thought it could work really well for biscuits.

i always overlook ground almonds but i really shouldn't; they are amazing in gluten free baking and with a little hint of vanilla these biscuits turned out seriously yummy. enjoy! :)


  1. I'll definitely have to remember this one! :)

  2. mmm.. those look scrummy! :)

  3. I really want to eat all of these right now. *^_^*


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