Sunday, 30 June 2013

my filofax week: june round up

*scheduled post*

and that's it, as of tomorrow we are into july and over half way through the year!
i know i've already blabbed enough about |this pen| but it really is awesome and i've noticed i'm really starting to use my filofax more and more. i seem to go through phases with not using it as much, but i'm trying to break that habit.

the highlight of this month has definitely been seeing hugh laurie at the brighton dome. he is one serious dude, and j and i have been fans for years and years (jeeves & wooster anyone?!). if you haven't heard either of his albums, i suggest you go and check them out immediately :)


  1. Hugh Laurie was in Brighton?!?! I am VERY sad I missed this. I love his face. Glad you went though- sounds excellent :) xx

  2. Love your filofax, it's so nicely organised! And the post its are pretty snazzy aha! xxx

  3. I really want a filofax! Yours is so organised :) xxx


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