Sunday, 30 June 2013

my filofax week: june round up

*scheduled post*

and that's it, as of tomorrow we are into july and over half way through the year!
i know i've already blabbed enough about |this pen| but it really is awesome and i've noticed i'm really starting to use my filofax more and more. i seem to go through phases with not using it as much, but i'm trying to break that habit.

the highlight of this month has definitely been seeing hugh laurie at the brighton dome. he is one serious dude, and j and i have been fans for years and years (jeeves & wooster anyone?!). if you haven't heard either of his albums, i suggest you go and check them out immediately :)

Thursday, 27 June 2013

a fresh lick of paint

just to let you know, this is a super photo heavy post (you've been warned!).

i know i've mentioned a few times recently that j and i redecorated the flat, so i thought i'd post a few snaps of our living room.
renting can be quite restrictive and it can feel really hard to make a place feel like your own, but luckily our landlord said yes to re-painting a few months ago, and i can't tell you how much difference it has made!

we also had to update a few pieces of furniture (our poor old groaning bookcase had had enough!) and it's made me realise how much i love everything we've picked out together so far. i became a little glum at the thought of owning more ikea furniture, but living in a top floor flat means that flat packs are your best friend. and as it turns out, after taking these photos i realised that our second hand/antique to ikea ratio is actually better than i'd thought, phewf :)

"tom waiter" print by guim tiĆ³ zarraluki

antique trunk/coffee table/storage trunk (from around 1942; the owner lived in london and made frequent trips to paris!)

antique gumball machine (non-antique gumballs!)

the stairs are always a talking point for visitors, as they don't actually lead to anything (i like to call this a quirk!) apart from the tiny little mezzanine that is my "studio". i use inverted commas as the space is so teeny that i can only sit cross legged in it, which makes for interesting sewing! however, it's my space and i love it...

...unfortunately the lighting up there is also terrible, hence me never having blogged about it. anyway, you get the idea; my mum calls it my "borrowers room" :)

look, the first of my |peter pan and wendy| prints has been framed!

one of the most calming places to sit; watching the sea will never get old for me. i wrote a |blog post| a long time ago about our chairs- they were £2.20 for the pair on ebay! they're still our best bargain to date.

so there you have it, a little peek into our home :) i'd love to know what you think, and if you have any interiors posts like this then let me know coz i'd love to read them!

check out this post from emoov for tips on making the most of your space.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

toile de jouy

my boss had a little fabric stash clear out a few weeks ago, and i become the lucky owner of some pretty awesome pieces.
this toile de jouy fabric was one of them, and although it's not usually something i'd go for (ie. fancy pants), i instantly thought of making cushions with it. our sofa is black, so these brighten it up perfectly and thankfully they seem to fit in with the rest of the lounge (not that we have any sort of theme/colour scheme!).

if you're new to inserting zips, don't let them scare you. zips on cushions are a good place to start, and the method i use is almost identical to |this one| and it works every time.

and speaking of decor and interiors, i have a few snippet photos of the flat (post decorating fiasco) which i'll be posting about soon :)

Sunday, 16 June 2013

pilot hi-tec-c coleto multi-pen

a bit of a different post today, but i'm currently in stationery heaven and have to share the love!
my search for the perfect multi-pen has become a bit of a quirk; my mum put one in my stocking, lauren bought me one for my birthday, and i have bought a few myself and been disappointed. the colours are meh, they aren't nice to write with and they are always too chunky to fit in my filofax pen loop.
the muji pen that lauren gave me had come closest to being perfect- the colours were really cute and there was also a pencil and rubber added in too. annoyingly, the ink ran out insanely quickly, and i had a little accident (read: snapped the spring) trying to change the ink (sorry lauren!)

after a little google search, i came across the pilot hi-tec-c coleto which seemed to be popular, so i spent some time on ebay choosing what i'd like. |this seller| was super helpful, let me customise my refill colour choices, combined the p&p and it all arrived about a week and a half later. pretty sweet.

i bought a 4-pen barrel; there are loads of barrel colours to choose from, but predictably i went for this mint green which i love. the reason i love multi-pens so much is that i can colour code within my filofax and not be bogged down with tons of pens, so i tried to pick colours that i know work for that.

if there was a little rubber on top of this pen it would be absolutely perfect. i love the inks, they write so nicely and make a nice change from biro. the option to customise the pen however i want to is obviously the main selling point for me, and so far this hasn't disappointed.

...who knew i had so much to say about a pen?! if you've read this far, congrats, and welcome to the land of stationery obsessives ;)

Saturday, 15 June 2013

join me on bloglovin

if you've recently hopped on the bloglovin bandwagon, you can keep up to date with all my posts by clicking |here| :)

Monday, 10 June 2013

banana (with a hint of nutella) loaf

apparently when it comes to nutella, i just can't help myself. this banana loaf recipe is one of my all time favourites; it's amazing every time and is perfect for using up old bananas. this time however, i fancied a little bit extra with it, and swirling just a tablespoon of nutella over the top of the mixture made the perfect difference. yum!

i've taken a photo of the ingredients and method straight from my recipe folder; hopefully my handwriting is clear enough to read, but if not just let me know and i can write them up too :)

| baking time: 40 minutes at 180° and then a further 30 minutes at 150° |

Thursday, 6 June 2013

quilt update #4

here it is, the front of my quilt in one piece! it's so exciting to look at it all sewn together :)
i'm trying not to be too hard on myself about any mistakes in the seam alignment, but i guess you always spot your own mistakes. it was an absolute bugger to sew as it grew, goodness knows how i'm going to handle the next few stages!

i'm still no closer to choosing a backing fabric, it feels like such a huge challenge and i really don't want to get it wrong. any ideas would be most welcome! (at least i'm not in a rush to buy anything so i won't go making a rash decision).

also, i've been told already by a few people that this quilt suits me perfectly/is me in quilt form; such sweet compliments! <3

Sunday, 2 June 2013

my filofax week: may round up

thank you to everyone who commented on my last post <3 life is still a bit crazy but things are starting to fall back into place now and i'm hoping to get back into the swing of things very soon (thank goodness!).

this month has been super busy; we went to the hove foodies festival, took a day trip to portsmouth to see family, i went to see the great gatsby, hosted my first bloggers meet up and spent the day with some amazing ladies, went back to the iow for my sister's 21st birthday bbq (and spent a whole day making a rainbow cake- never again!), spent the evening at the company blogger awards and met some lovely people, and tonight we have free tickets to see muse as part of the world war z premiere. blimey!

add to that two weeks of redecorating our entire flat, taking apart old furniture and putting together new pieces, and then a (not so) small tin of paint disaster that has resulted in a week of phoning our landlord/insurance companies and still not getting anywhere, and you'll understand why i've been a bit overwhelmed with it all!'s to june :)