Monday, 13 May 2013

recent makes

i bought this fabric from a charity shop nearly a year ago now, and originally planned to make a dress from it. however i stupidly didn't unfold it in the shop (i know, i know,) and despite being found in the "1 metre +" basket, it had a huge great chunk cut out of the middle (by the way, who does that?! cut from the edge people...)
that meant a dress was out of the question. i then decided to make a super easy elasticated skirt with it, but once finished it just didn't look right. so, i took it apart, made a few changes and turned it into this button up skirt which works so much better.

and next up, the humble fabric pen & white tshirt diy combo. such an easy and satisfying project!
yes, i realise my artichoke obsession may be getting slightly out of hand, but let's just ignore that; i knew i wanted an unusual design and this seemed to fit perfectly.
i had intended to colour these in, but once i finished the outlines i changed my mind. maybe i'll add the colour in later?!
i think customising plain tshirts can be quite addictive- and a great way to stay creative if you're in a bit of a slump- try it if you don't believe me :)


  1. Ohhhh my goodness. Please make me one of those skirts! SO LOVELY! xo

  2. Your skirt is just to pretty for words!
    You could create a franchise out of the tops!

    Kelly ||

  3. The artichoke shirt is so cute and unique, I want one! x

  4. Such a good top!And skirt!!How did u make the chokes all look so perfect?!also,do fabric pens wash out?xx

  5. Awesome that you made your own skirt! I really want to try making something from scratch soon. I've had the urge since watching the great British sewing bee. Also your artichoke tshirt is adorable, and I woul Imagine totally unique as well !

  6. Love the skirt! The fabric is really pretty:)

  7. I just love the artichoke shirt!! :)


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